Five Cool Things to Do on a Hoverboard and One Thing to Absolutely NOT Do

Hoverboard became the must-have Christmas wish list item a few years back, and since then, we’ve seen them explode in popularity. Here at SWAGTRON®, we’ve also seen a growing trend of people using these handy devices as the foundation for some extremely cool and useful innovations. 1. Do: Make DIY Adjustments to Improve Personal Mobility … Read More

Cheating or Not? Can eBikes Help with Fitness

Imagine whizzing by your super-fit neighbor. You know the one. The one who’s always jogging before work. Looking at your rusty 10-speed in the garage, this may not seem like an attainable goal. But with an electric bike, it very well could become your new reality. Electric bikes provide an excellent way to get outside, enjoy the … Read More

PSA: The Swagger 5 Elite Rear Fender is NOT a Brake

One of the great things about having consistent live videos on Amazon and Instagram is the ability to deliver helpful product information. Not only to potential and future customers, but also existing SWAGTRON owners. These videos, cohosted by SWAGTRON’s own dynamic duo — David M. and Cyrus M. (no relation) — provide a lot of … Read More

Bike Helmet Size Guide

Riding an electric scooter or eBike is an exhilarating and empowering experience. Though exhilarating, riders should take precautions to minimize the possibility of injury. That means, always wearing protective gear when riding, especially certified bicycle helmet. A Reminder on Bicycle Helmet Certification There are organizations that inspect and rate helmets. Before buying a helmet, make … Read More

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