What Are the Types of Electric Mountain Bikes?

A mountain eBike, or electric mountain bikes (eMTB), is an electrically assisted version of the mountain bikes many of us are familiar with. Electric bikes are a sort of equalizer. It’s hard to enjoy a long ride with friends if the group has varying levels of physical fitness. Those of us with less than optimal … Read More

Can eBikes Be Used in the Rain?

Can I ride my eBike in the rain? That might be one of your first questions when contemplating on switching to a healthy ride as your primary source of transportation. After all, you’ll be riding to and from uni or work. And even the sunniest regions get several inches of rainfall each year. The short … Read More

How Much Do Electric Bikes Cost?

It’s actually very affordable! The price of the electric bike you want to buy will depend largely on the type of riding experience you want and the quality of that experience. If you’re looking to an electric bike for quick jaunts, you might spend less money than if you need one for extended daily commutes. … Read More

Can eBikes Go Uphill?

Short answer: Yes! Slightly less answer: Yes, however . . . Are your legs rejoicing at the answer? That’s understandable. The motor/battery combination of an electric powered bike can make traveling uphill a whole lot easier. But there are other components of a well designed eBike that can also help you conquer steep inclines with … Read More

6 Reasons Why People Should Choose an Electric Bike?

Couple enjoying the beautiful day, sitting on their SWAGTRON EB10 & EB11 electric bicycles.   Nobody denies that eBikes are cool. But if “Coolness Factor” alone isn’t enough to convince you to grab an eBike of your own, there are plenty other positives that might be able to convince you. Positives such as being good … Read More

What Are the Types of eBikes?

Electric bikes continue to gain popularity. Even though they’ve been around for a few decades, they are just now gaining the EBikes are the next wave of cycling technology, and now is the best time to get acquainted with the different types of eBikes. The best eBike for you is the one that’s designed for your riding … Read More

Cheating or Not? Can eBikes Help with Fitness

Imagine whizzing by your super-fit neighbor. You know the one. The one who’s always jogging before work. Looking at your rusty 10-speed in the garage, this may not seem like an attainable goal. But with an electric bike, it very well could become your new reality. Electric bikes provide an excellent way to get outside, enjoy the … Read More

EB7 Plus — Unboxing and Assembly

We designed the EB7 Plus to give you ultimate control and a magically smooth ride. To do that, we considered every detail, including making it easy to get up and running out of the box. That’s also why we made this unboxing and assembly video, to make the experience as hassle-free and comfortable as possible. … Read More

EB11 Electric Bike — Unboxing and Assembly

The EB11 electric cruiser bike is a comfortable ride. But that comfort doesn’t begin and end when you hop on and start grinding the pedals. We wanted the entire experience to be easy and comfortable — right down to the eBike’s assembly. To make it even easier for you, we made an assembly video to … Read More

EB10 Electric Bike — Unboxing and Assembly

The EB10 electric cruiser bike focuses on comfort above everything else. Everything from the easy-breezy riding experience to the low step-through frame and the wide, sweptback handlebars. With that focus in mind, we had to made sure that assembling the bicycle was just as easy as riding it. To make it even easier to assemble, … Read More

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