This winter season we’ve seen a whole new trend sweeping, or should I say “shoveling” across America. “Shovel-boarding” is here! Kids and adults everywhere are working smart instead of working hard, and having fun while doing it. Using their SwagTron™ hoverboards and a standard snow shovel, these talented riders are making quick work of this seasons driveway clearing.

We’ve put together the top 3 “Shovel-Boarding” videos so you can see the newest way to add some fun to your everyday chores, and inspire more people to find unique ways to put their hoverboard to work!

#1 – The Pro

With over 300,000 views this video posted by Steve Scherer is a perfect example of what an expert rider can do with a hoverboard and a snow shovel. He makes quick work of shoveling his long driveway as he seamlessly glides up and down the perimeter of his drive way, holding his snow shovel like a hockey stick creating a human-hoverboard hybrid snow plow.

#2 The Fail

Posted by YouTuber Jon Marco Gaydos this funny video showcases his attempt to snow shovel while riding his hoverboard in just his boxers and socks. This quickly backfires as the snow he is trying to shovel is too deep causing him to fall forward into it for a chilling surprise. A perfect example on what NOT to do this winter season.

#3 The Unexplained Banana

This bizarre video shows a New Jersey man, Adam Szyfman making the most of his hoverboard during the east coast blizzard that hit in January of 2016. He takes a different approach than our first video using the full range of the hoverboard gyroscopic control system to speed forward and then reverse. What sets this one apart isn’t the skill of the rider or the efficiency of his hover-shoveling, it’s the unexplained banana costume that he’s wearing.

This winter season put your hoverboard to work! Don’t have a hoverboard yet? Check out the full line available from SwagTron, including the unreleased SwagTron T6 all-terrain hoverboard which was featured at CES 2017!

Ditch the traffic and gridlock as you zoom down alleyways and take to the streets with the SwagTron™ Swagcycle™. This is not another bicycle with a loud lawnmower engine, but a powerful, all electric, folding bike that races up to 15MPH using a high capacity battery that is capable of a distance of 15 miles on a single charge. Best of all there is no pedaling involved, the Swagcycle is 100% electric. This electric bicycle may look like a bike, but it rides like a motorcycle!

• Speed up to 15MPH for a distance of 15 Miles – Swagcycle uses a high capacity 36v lithium ion battery that only takes 2.5-4 hours to fully recharge depending on use.

• FOLDING BIKE FRAME – A foldable aerospace grade aluminum frame allows this bicycle to collapse down for easier storage and transportation and supports up to 264 lbs.

• HANDLEBAR FEATURE CONTROLS and THROTTLE – from the handle bars you can check battery life, turn on the headlight, honk the horn, accelerate, and brake.

• WATER RESISTANT – Featuring IP54 water resistance, the Swagcycle is capable of withstanding tough outdoor conditions such as ingress from splashing rain and blowing dust.

• USB CHARGING PORT – a micro USB charging port is built directly into the battery, enabling you to charge your phone or other devices while you ride.All the features you want, Zero Emissions.

Outfitted for your safety and convenience. Swagcycle features an LED headlight and reflectors for riding at night. Easily adjust throttling and braking directly from the handlebars, keeping you in control. A handy horn lets others know you are on the approach. A four level battery indicator keeps you informed of power usage as you roll through the city, and when you park, a convenient kickstand holds your ride upright and steady until you return.

Three guarantees with the Swagcycle: 1) You will breathe easy – Swagcycle is a zero emissions vehicle. 2) You will ride confidently – Swagcycle has a one year warranty and 3) Smiles – You will have a great time riding the Swagcycle!

With the SwagTron Swagcycle, you can say goodbye to traffic and hello to one of the fastest, most stylish and eco-friendly ways to get around.

SwagTron, adventures start with your feet™!

This is so unique! In most cities the skateboarders have to take their sport to the local park. The city goes through months of delays and red tape and costs before they finally build something. Here, a couple of guys get a building and do the whole thing independently! Not only have they re-imagined the skate park, but they’re also innovating new and exciting hoverboard tricks. Think gymnastics on hoverboards! Yes, if your bias is that hoverboards are a slow pokes, this is a wakeup call.

Take a look at this latest skate park. It is so simple. A hoverboard skate park needs only flat space and you’re ready to go. The Bot Broz understood this and converted a warehouse into the ultimate hoverpark. Using the smooth floor and well-lit and covered venue, the Bot Broz can practice their insane tricks rain or shine. The Bot Broz have even set up safety and training courses with a state-of-the-art harness system to teach new riders how to hover. Add one giant Hoverboard replica and you’ve got the worlds first hoverpark! Check out the rad moves as the Bot Broz warm up in this video on their Swagtron™ T3 Hoverboards. Hoverboards have come a long way with more features, and tougher more rugged frames.

The Hoverpark opened December 18th in Illinois, located at 999 W. Main Street in West Dundee, directly across the street from Spring Hill Mall. Hopefully as more people see the amazing innovation and talent of the Bot Broz they’ll be inspired to create hoverparks of their own!

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Swagtron, adventures begin with your feet!

David Moore and the Bot Broz crew have done it again and taken their Swag to a new level. Perhaps you have seen it? This Bruno Mars tribute hoverboard dance cover video, featuring dancers riding Swagtron™ electric skateboards, motor scooters and hoverboards, they dance all through the indoor skate park. If you ever thought that electric scooters and hoverboards were rather ordinary and just a fad, then you really need to see this.

This mega dance video with Bruno Mars cover and Swagtron products showcase some crazy moves on a variety hoverboards, electric skateboards and motorized scooters, not just one person, but often several dancing in sync. No doubt it must have taken quite a lot of practice to get this coordinated. Now this innovative video is inspiring others to share their hoverboarding experience on YouTube!

The video begins featuring the Swagboard™, an electric skateboard that rolls up to 11mph. The board almost magically speeds over on its own to the rider as he hops aboard to and the dancing begins, but we know it’s just clever use of the wireless remote.

Wondering what the girls are riding? It’s the Swagger™ Electric scooter. Speeding up to 15 miles per hour the girls expertly use the E-brake for a quick stop in the middle of their routine.

Next up is our favorite part of the video, the hoverboards. It begins with them being pulled by hoverboards on office chairs, an interesting twist on the normal way to ride, but as they hop off the chairs the real tricks begin. Using the T3’s self-balancing technology the rider spins around for a one-foot 360, at which time the camera pans out to another rider doing a one-wheeled 360! At this point we were impressed at the innovation it takes to come up with these tricks, but what comes next really takes the cake. As hoverboard riders we can easily appreciate the difficulty involved and the amount of practice it must of taken to nail that one!

Electric personal transportation devices have become wildly popular with people of all ages. Adults are starting to realize the potential of zero emissions vehicles that speed up to 15mph for a distance of up to 15 miles! With over 9 unique personal transporters available Swagtron has something for everyone.

Swagtron™, adventures begin with your feet™!

The holiday in-studio crowd went absolutely wild with excitement when Ellen DeGeneres announced at the start of her December 14th show that The Ellen DeGeneres Show’s 12 days of Christmas had been extended an extra day! Giant gift boxes were rolled out with the promise that everyone in the audience would receive the carefully selected item hidden within. Ellen and her producers undoubtedly looked over dozens of products, services and outings to offer that would delight the audience and positively impact the viewing and Christmas buying public.

As the boxes were opened and revealed there were various gifts ranging from a trip to Legoland® and Lego® toys, a $200 gift card to Forever 21® stores, and even a trip to the spa! The crowd proved duly appreciative.

However, the final gift given to the audience, among the other valuable prizes, turned out to be the Swagtron™ Swagboard electric motorized skateboard. Barely audible above the happily screaming crowd, Ellen struggled to tell the studio and home viewers that the Swagtron™ Swagboard is the hottest technology in personal transporters, and that this classic style longboard has an 11 mile range and rolls at 11 miles per hour.

As she spoke, the electric skateboard was dramatically showcased by a giant dancing reindeer who careened from off stage on a Swagboard and zipped across the length of the stage set. The crowd was on their feet in excited cheers!

Ellen noted that the Swagboard is the next generation of electric skateboards. The electric skateboard proved impressive enough to be a highlight on the nationally syndicated The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Making the Swagtron™ Swagboard one of the hottest gifts of this holiday season!

On Day 5 of Ellen’s “12 Days of Christmas”, she announced that “This Christmas is all about the hottest electronics.” and we couldn’t agree more! That’s why it was no surprise when The Ellen DeGeneres Show featured the lightest, fastest, folding electric scooter: Swagger by Swagtron.

A huge roar of applause broke out as the crowd found out The Ellen DeGeneres Show would be giving away free Swagger Scooters! As the camera panned out to the crowd the overwhelming excitement was obvious on the faces of the audience members. It was noted that the Swagger throttled up to 15 mph and folds down with just one finger, but that’s not all this E-Scooter can do…

Whether you prefer electric power or muscle power, you can up the SWAG with the new SWAGTRON Swagger Motorized Scooter! The Swagger power scooter boasts a range of 15 miles, and recharges in 1.5 hours. Easy hand throttling and three gear levels allow you to cruise roads while a hand brake and a foot brake allow you to stop safely and easily. The 22 lb. sleek design is also sturdy, handling up to 250lbs. Bright LED’s shine for night riding and handy kickstand awaits for upright parking. There is even a built-in cruise control, allowing you to roll along  without ever having to press down on the throttle.

Order today and see for yourself why Ellen says Swagger by Swagtron will be one of the hottest electronic gifts of this holiday season!


For the questions of is it a trend and how long will it last, the answers can be found by looking at celebrities and the internet. Those two things alone will tell you if something is still in and if it is still popular. In this article we will be looking at the most famous celebrities on hoverboards and just how skilled they are.

Wiz Khalifa

First up we have a hip hop rapper who’s famous song “Till I See You Again” brought tears to every fast and the furious fan during the tribute to Paul Walker at the end of Furious 7. In the video below you can see a video of Wiz Khalifa taking his gold hoverboard through LAX Airport fresh off the Teen Choice Awards. Check out the way he smoothly glides through the crowd and press.

Justin Bieber

Next up on our list is someone who every teen knows. Hoverboards have been used in music videos of his songs and he even received a Swagway X1 Hoverboard on the Ellen Show. This celeb rides it everywhere whether it is on the way to the recording studio, in his house or in his jet, you can always find The Bieber riding his hoverboard. Check out the video below to see Justin riding his hoverboard everywhere and check out the hoverboard Nerf war in his house. They even make a hoverboard train around the house.

Kendall Jenner

Next up we have Kendall Jenner, an American fashion model and television personality. Kendall Jenner is known for appearing in the E! reality television show Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Check it out below.

Mike Tyson

Our next celebrity is a boxing legend, a UFC fighter, The Iron Mike, Mike Tyson! Check out the video below of Mike Tyson on his hoverboard below in this Vine Compilation.

Jamie Fox

Here we see a celebrity who is the true embodiment of swag, fashion and the swag style. This is a still of Jamie Fox riding a hoverboard on the tonight show supporting the troops.

Jennifer Lopez (J. Lo)

Up next is the one and only J. Lo! Jennifer Lopez the queen of fashion and glamour uses her hoverboard in her performance as seen in the twitter video below. Check out her amazing performance.



Next we have the hip hop singer Ne-Yo cruising around NYC on his hoverboard showing off his sick swag on his hoverboard.

Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, Tyga, and more

Check out this video of Chris Brown doing his new dance on his hoverboard with his friends and family! Check out his skill and swag during his dance. He doesn’t even fall off or lose balance once.


Next we have the best dub step artiest in the world, Skrillex! Check out his awesome 180 jump and spin on his hoverboard!

Kid Ink back stage with Fetty Wap

Check out kid Inks on his new hoverboard, riding around behind stage with Fetty Wap! As this trend continues to grow, more and more celebrities are using them in their work as dance tools.

Adventures Begin With Your Feet.

A dank, foggy gloom drifts eerily over the landscape. Fingers of raw darkness creep in. The deep murkiness fills every corner. Night ominously arrives, sending chills, shivers and a sickening unease up your spine. The air stings, frosty and biting; your whole world is on edge.

It’s Halloween! They are coming. You must deal with the horror that stalks you. Shhh…Quiet! The shadows begin to rustle. Distant growls and moans grow louder. In the moonlight, out of the corner of your eye, you glimpse the first gnarled, cold dead hands… grasping for YOU!
… are you truly ready for the dreaded Zombie Apocalypse?

Your only hope is having the right survival tools and knowing how to use them. Run, grab your Swag and Go! There are three at your disposal. You must use them all to defend against the onslaught. Tap all your skill with your Swagtron rides to conquer the mobs of the dead before they suck out your very brains in a mashup of gory gluttony.

They are HERE! Don’t just stand there…MOVE! To make it to safety, you must venture through dangerous areas with swarming with legions of the undead braying at your heels as you move along. Don’t walk! Use your survival tools — quick, grab your zombie fighting tools and your rides: the Swagtron T3, Swagger scooter and the Swag board. No matter where you are, your Swagtron board or scooter can help you defeat the army of the undead.

Let’s Go! You must defeat the minions of death, destruction, and doom…
Quickly, you get out on the road. Stay away from the wide open spaces — prairies, forests, deserts, or any expanse over 10 miles, unless you know a place to plug in your Swag for recharge. Stay in the cities, towns and areas with clear pathways of escape!

Any urban expanse, from New York City to Los Angeles, big cities hide zombies at every turn. Smaller cities and communities are also overrun. Even rural environs find the monsters lurking about. Fortunately, you can cruise along as silently as the dead aboard your high tech Swagtron T3. You can battle the nightmarish creatures with the Swagger scooter and you can outmaneuver the pack of zombies aboard the Swag Board.

swagtron T3 guide to zombie apocalypse

The Halloween night continues onward. You race along, silent, swift and tough. The 8 mph top speed electric motor zooms you ahead of the limping and lurching rotting corpses seeking to grab you. You and all your zombie fighting gear can ride easily since the T3 holds up to 220 lbs. As the creatures lunge and leap out at you, the quick and intuitive T3 responds to your balance and feet, nimbly turning and accelerating about, just out of reach of the aggressors. Stop! A line of zombies lurks just ahead…you know what to do! Using your handy app, the on-board Blue Tooth speaker blares out The Walking Dead playlist. That terrifies the mindless, animated cadavers, sending them squealing off for cover. The road ahead is dark, but the brilliant LED lights guide you along through the black night, while their brightness sends the undead carcasses recoiling back to the deep holes from whence they came. Should one get too close, just tilt and spin. Contact with the tough rubber bumpers and solid construction of the T3 sends them tumbling. You’ll keep rolling since the T3 features all rubber run-flat tires.

Swagtron guide to zombie apocalypse

The hoard of the deceased are coming again! You head into rugged terrain where you can’t use the T3. Abandon your ride? NO! Take it with you! Stuff it fast into the optional T3 rolling carrying bag. The SwagTron T3 & T1 hoverboard carrying bag comes with a handle and wheels to pull your hoverboard with ease, and pockets that you can store your charger, flashlights, and other zombie combat gear you pick up on your way. And if you don’t want to pull the bag it also comes with back pack carrying straps. Take it anywhere and be ready to roll again once you hit the pavement!

You need to get to higher ground. Grab the handy carrying strap and you shoulder the hoverboard with ease. You Will Escape with the T3!
But, it has run out of power. Don’t panic! It takes only an hour to recharge. Find a plug and a place to hide it for 60 minutes, and you are on the move again. You may get overheated battling the forces of darkness, but your Swagtron T3 is UL 2272 safety certified — no electric or fire hazards here.
They are still coming! Quick, plug the T3 in and run for your Swagger Scooter!

Swagger guide to zombie apocalypse

That’s the Ticket! The SwagTron Swagger e-Scooter – perfect for the zombie apocalypse. Grab your zombie killing gear and go! Swagger holds up to 300 pounds. Are you a ninja fighter against the zombies? You’re ready for action, As Swagger races nimbly along, you use hands and feet to cut sharp corners, spin and reverse course faster than any moldering dead body can possibly move.
Time to stop and fight! With an easy swing, the Swagger quickly folds down and you get it out of the way, then use it to make way as the zombies scatter before you. It’s made of light weight carbon fiber, weighing in at only 17 lbs. So, swing that scooter and clear the deck! Breaking through the line of rotting bodies lumbering nearby, you easily unfold the Swagger and step aboard again. Zoom! You race away along the streets with cruise control and shift to optimum speed with three gears to outmaneuver and whip by any encroaching dead boys. On the top handle bars the Swagger e-scooter by SwagTron has a speedometer, accelerator, hand break, and light. You are safely clear of the zombies for the moment, but look at the controls and realize the battery is almost out. That’s OK since a dead battery won’t stop you. Swagger can become a regular foot powered scooter. This one features is what would make it easy to travel long distances. Zombies are still on your trail en-mass, but slowing down. You are wearing them down! The battery runs out, but your feet take over. Zipping down to a secure location, you plug in the scooter and switch to your third weapon…The Swag Board. Adventure Begins With Your Feet.

swagboard guide to zombie apocalypse

“Come and Get Me, Zombie Scum!”, you yell confidently. Now you have some real speed! 11 mph to roar with. The creeping zombies tromp after you. Swag board rolls for 10 miles on a charge and can be a regular skate board, so you have unlimited options. As the night comes to a close, the exhausted un-dead simply cannot compete with your Swag board’s superior flexibility, tight ride, precision turn control and smooth ride. It’s UL2272 certified, so you know nothing haphazard will occur as you twist, turn, jump, fly, using your zombie weapons to take out zombie after zombie after zombie.

The nightmare Halloween world is a dark blur as you race and space yourself from the undead. Finally, you set your trap. The cretins believe they have you cornered in a dark, shadowy spot behind a hills. As they are ready to lunge, you run to the top of the hill and DAWN! The sun brilliantly rises. Shadowsrapidly retreat. The zombies are blinded by the daylight. And you have led them down the road…five miles past town. They have nowhere to hide. Sauntering blindly, they swiftly wither in the heat of day, collapse and permanently die as the zombie virus within shrivels into oblivion.

And you turn on your Swag board. With five miles to go, you can ride easily back to town triumphant in the Brilliant Warm Day.
Halloween may be over…but tonight, will new zombies awake to hunt you again?
Fortunately, all your Swagtron rides will be ready for the fight!


Check Out These Adorable Swag Kids.

After scanning our social media we want to show some of our more adorable SwagTron pictures. Here are the top 10 we found out of all of our social media records. Thank you everyone for submitted pictures but we sadly cannot recognize everyone.

Number 10: #cashlen_marie

At number 10 we have #cashlen_marie. Look at her adorable poses and swag! Her smile is sure to swag up and brighten any day! Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

Instagram Account:


Number 9: #hopkinsjake

At number 9 we have #hopkinsjake. Look at that smile! I’m sure he charms everyone who sees his smile as he rides his SwagTron T1. And with those eyes I’m sure he will get the attention to any girl as he rides his SwagTron hoverboard down the street.

Instagram Account:


Number 8: #jayjameshq

At number 8 we have #jayjameshq. We know he is not a kid but look at that pose! That pose is the definition of Swag! With his gold chain and white SwagTron hoverboard he is truly showing Swag anywhere he rides.

Instagram Account:


Number 7: #ladyolivia125

At number 7 we have #ladyolivia125. Look at that adorable face and how happy she gets when she is being spun around on a Swagtron hoverboard! And that pose she makes when she is in the air is the true combination of being adorable and having swag.

Instagram Account:


Number 6: #parker_reese

At number 6 we have #parker_reese doing a one leg stand on a SwagTron hoverboard in front of her Christmas Tree. Look at how adorable her smile is and how much added swag she gets from the SwagTron hoverboard!

Instagram Account:


Number 5: #lexibabdelis

Coming in at number 5 is #lexibabdelis. Look how adorable she is showing off her swag on her SwagTron hoverboard! She can do a one leg stand and balance perfectly without falling. And with her backwards hat, she brings the swag anywhere she goes.

Instagram Account:


Number 4: #mrs2mommy

At number 4 we have #mrs2mommy. Look at her adorable pose! She really brings the words adorable and swag to life. With her white SwagTron hoverboard and matching white shirt she brings the swag everywhere she riders her SwagTron hoverboard.

Instagram Account:


Number 3: #mathew_scarf

Number 3 is #mathew_scarf. You might remember him from the Show Us Your Swag Video Contest. He was the week 1 winner! His moves on a SwagTron are unbelievable an wit his adorable haircut he truly brings the Swag anywhere he rides.

Instagram Account:

Photo: Internal Swagway Photo

Number 2: #ngguyening_smiles

At number 2 we have #ngguyening_smiles. She is not a kid but she is too adorable in the picture not to include! And with the miniature to her left, how could anyone say no to including her in this list. She brings the swag anywhere she goes on her SwagTron hoverboard.

Instagram Account:


Number 1: #rg_selena

Coming in at number 1 is #rg_selena, SwagTrons biggest fan! Look how adorable she is in her pink shirt with her matching pink Swagtron Hoverboard. She even looks adorable posing with the SwagTron Poster Boy cutout.

Instagram Account:


Let us know what you think about out top 10 most adorable SwagTron Hoverboard pictures in the comment section below. Also dont forget to like share and subscribe to #SwagTronUSA!

SwagTron Go Video Contest Winner

Thank you everyone for submitting your videos for the SwagTron Go Video Contest. Check out these kids as they try to catch `em all! Watch as they hunt Pokémon on their hoverboards and see what they find. Check out this video to see the GRAND PRIZE winner:

Swagtron™ appreciates your support and we couldn’t be here without you and the rest of our dedicated fans!

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