It’s like a stale, old riddle told to death – what does everyone do but no one loves?
Answer: Commuting.

Sometimes it’s chasing after a bus only to march back to the stop and wait dejectedly. Other times it’s idling in bumper-to-bumper traffic on the freeway while listening to the same song repeat on the radio, for a third time.

The average American throws away $1,400 annually on gas fees alone.

According to a census taken by the U.S. Census Bureau in 2014, the average American spends 26 minutes commuting to work. If we add up all those minutes for each American commuting citizen, the total average commute time for 2014 adds up to a staggering 1.8 trillion minutes.

That’s 1.2 billion days.

That’s all time we are never getting back. You shouldn’t spend that much of your life being bored.

Ditch the tedium. Skip the traffic crawl. Take control of your commute into your own hands and save time, money, and energy with an electric skateboard.

Don’t wait for the weekend to take an adventure – break the morning routine and make every commute a journey.

Why an electric skateboard…

Most childhood summers are spent barreling down a cul-de-sac, watching the black asphalt roll beneath the deck of a beaten up skateboard. And sometimes, that beaten skateboard was upgraded – to a better deck, stronger trucks, better bearings… Other times, some trade them in for a longboard, a penny board, or even an electric skateboard.

An electric skateboard is a great energy-saving way to infuse your everyday life with that carefree summer skating feeling. It saves you time, money, and doesn’t require you to push, so you’ll show up to work or your next hangout looking (and smelling) fresh. And really, who wants to show up to their next date looking like they just left the gym?

Most electric skateboards can take you up to a range of 10 to 20 miles total, meaning they can take you to and from wherever you need to be. Instead of being chained to the confines of your car, soaring gas prices, and expensive, regular maintenance fees, an electric skateboard will get you out of your car and outside.

What makes the Swagboard electric skateboard so special?

These boards give you your freedom back – right in the palm of your hand ….literally.
You’ll be able to accelerate, brake, and activate cruise control using the handheld remote control that wirelessly connects to your board seconds after turning it on.

Commute routes with steep hills won’t stand in your way, either. Feet planted firmly on your board, you can ride to the top of almost any hill without breaking into a sweat.

Able to take riders up to a maximum speed of 11 miles per hour, and with a charge time as short as 90-minutes, these boards are designed for everyday use. Pack your outlet charger in your bag and plug in your board underneath your work desk.

And you don’t have to chew your nails over the concept of leaving your electric board into charge, because SWAGTRON has worked their butts off to ensure…

Battery Safety!

The 24v lithium ion battery is extremely eco-friendly and rechargeable – and safe with a capital S. Each SWAGTRON rideable is put through a series of rigorous tests to ensure battery safety, and receives UL-certification – meaning that these products have been evaluated and approved by UL officials for consumer safety. Additionally, each rideable is designed with SWAGTRON’s own patented SentryShield battery technology, to guarantee your board, scooter, or bike is safe to charge in your home.

So your safety is assured, but if you use your board every day to make your daily commute, you’re probably worried about wear-and-tear.

Durability & Repairs!

The Swagboard e-skateboard is built out of a sleek but sturdy maple wood deck for both flexible street carving and the durability to tackle whatever you throw its way.

The wheels are made out of a strong polyurethane treatment meant to absorb shock on some of your most bumpy rides, as well as remain preserved over time and prolonged exposure to your local sidewalk. The material is non-conductive and can withstand most forms of grease, cutting, oil, and your average, daily wear.

The entire SWAGTRON electric rideables line is specifically designed to bring the natural thrill of an adrenaline-filled adventure in every ride – but every ride can take its toll after a while. That’s why SWAGTRON offers a full-year warranty on all of their rideables.

SWAGTRON is happy to repair or replace any damaged parts for any original purchaser for up to one full year. So, no matter how much you use your board, we have your back.

Asking Price…

But maybe you’re not ready to spring for a board that’s worth thousands of dollars.

If you have a need for a new electric board but find yourself limited by a budget below other, expensive asking prices, it might be worth starting out with a Swagboard for less than $400 USD.

Afterall, freeing up your commute is about saving your expenses and sanity, not stressing out!

So, what’s the verdict?

Whether the snow season is too far off on the calendar or if you’re just plain old D-O-N-E chasing down buses on the street, your everyday life doesn’t have to be a daily repeat of the same drudgery. You don’t have to wait for the weekend to find a little adventure.

The morning commute is the way we all start out our day, and we should always be putting our best foot forward. Take a step on top of the deck of your very own electric skateboard and feel the added thrill in your day. Make getting to and from your destination that much more straight-up fun.

Your work day will feel more energized, you’ll get out from behind the wheel, and spend some much needed time outside. The best part? The more practice you put in, the more fun you’ll have.

So, what are you waiting for? Take your time back into your hands.

So you did it. You sprang for an electric skateboard. Welcome to the club!

If you’re anything like me, you probably thought giddily to yourself, “I’m never walking anywhere again!” while ripping open the packaging without a shred of hesitation.

And maybe at first, you didn’t.

Walking became obsolete, and grossly uncool. You took trips to the store to buy TP and milk on top of your board. You used your remote control and popped it into cruise to grab your morning coffee. You caught yourself sending it soulful glances from across your room on rainy days. It was the centerpiece of all of your class or work daydreams.

But then that shiny new-toy gloss dulled into a well-loved, but faded patina, and you start to wonder how you can keep the love alive?

You invested in this and you should be out there having fun using your board to its fullest!

Luckily, there are enough ways to keep your feet glued to the deck of your skateboard and outside enjoying the fresh air and thrilling sense of sidewalk-adventures.

The only limit is what you’re willing to try!

1. Start a group meetup!

        Sure, you’re not looking to start a ride-or-die motorcycle gang, but don’t let your board sit in the corner of your living room collecting dust, and don’t hang up your sense of adventure! Starting a regular meetup group of old and new friends for a ride is a great way meet new people or spend more of your time outside. Just pick a time and place and send out those invites, or make a Facebook group, and see who’s down to try!

2. Explore your city!

        You never know what you’re missing out on by not taking a spin off the beaten path. Your electric skateboard is the perfect excuse to get out there more and go further and faster than you have before. Whether you’re just picking up your mail down the street, meeting a friend for coffee, or taking a joy ride for the sake of ditching boredom, you should treat yourself to new sights and sounds in your very own city!

3. Drive A LOT less!

        The average working American spends roughly 17,600 minutes per year driving trapped behind the wheel of a car. And that’s all time no one can ever take back – why spend it being bored? Spend less money on rising gas prices or expensive maintenance fees and use your electric skateboard as your go-to commuting companion to work or school!

4. Start a scavenger hunt!

        Choose a theme, send your invites and create a clue list! With electric skateboards, your scavenger hunt can be expanded into a great city-wide treasure hunt! (TIP: If your hunt is happening in an urban public setting, consider keeping your clues/items to a strict “dollar store only” policy in case strangers stray across them).

5. Take your skateboard on a road trip!

        There is an endless amount of skating culture to be found all across the United States, and they are all worth visiting. If you truly love skating, pack your electric longboard into the trunk of your car and take it on an epic trip! Drive out to Los Angeles, in California, and ride on the streets where it all started, hit up the twists and turns in San Francisco for some wicked curves, or even down the historic Sixth Street in Austin, Texas.

6. Chase the horizon at your favorite beach!

        Hit up your favorite never-ending beach boardwalk and coast alongside the sand and surf. Show up at sunrise, or sunset if you’re a night owl, and take in the fresh sea breeze as you listen to the crash of the waves hit the shore. It’s the perfect mix of relaxing and adrenaline-inducing that will really make your ride movie-magic-perfect.

7. Get some extra exercise with your pet!

        There’s no denying it: your dog is much, much faster than you. If you’ve ever tried to take a big dog for a run, well, your poor pooch is pretty limited to how fast you can hoof it. But, if you pop your electric skateboard into a comfortable cruise control, your favorite hound can trot gleefully alongside while you cruise breezily down the street. And the brakes make it so you can both come to a soft stop if Fido needs to…well, visit a fire hydrant.

8. Stage a race!

        All right, we’re not saying go drag racing or risk taking a bad spill, but maybe grab a friend, challenge them to a lighthearted race to your favorite cafe…and see who can get there first! Not a bad way to kill an afternoon while you’re waiting on your laundry to dry, and much better than sitting on the couch watching Netflix binge-shows. Again.

9. Take a shortcut…Arrive in style!

        Give your day a boost – hop off the train or bus near your destination and ride the rest of the way. Get your endorphins pumping and show up to your friend’s next barbeque looking like you just rolled out of a Casey Neistat video. Sometimes this will also help you save time and bypass any annoying roadblocks that might make you late to the party.

10. Make a music video with your friends!

        You know you’ve always wanted to! Spice up your next hangout, ignore Snapchat for just one night, and use your phones to record, edit, and post your very own music video. Show off your skills, or learn some new ones, and step outside of your comfort zone a little bit!

Like I said, there are almost an unlimited amount of possibilities to infuse your everyday life with that electric four-wheel beauty. The only cap on your fun is what you’re willing to try! Once you’ve been bitten by the skating bug and are willing to think outside of the box, you’re chances of enjoying your board expands tenfold.

Because at the end of the day, you have to make the most of your time – so make it electric!

Electric skateboards hit the scene big time a few years ago. You almost can’t go anywhere in a major city without seeing one pass you buy on the sidewalk. Whether it’s a kid on his way over to his friend’s house, or a commuter gliding from the train station to work, they’re everywhere.

And just like how there are so many different variations in skateboards, there are different kinds of electric skateboards. From 22-inch penny boards, to 50-inch longboards, electric skateboarding has evolved to be just as diverse and fun for every rider!

SWAGTRON, the leaders of the electric rideable market, broke onto the e-skateboard scene with its flagship Swagboard NG-1 electric skateboard.

But if you’re new to the idea, it might be hard to tell the difference…because a skateboard with a motor is just that right? Well, not exactly, they aren’t all the same.

So let’s break things down: what is the difference from the Swagboard and the Voyager?

Let’s start things off with the Swagboard…

1. Great for young riders and beginners!

The Swagboard might surprise you – because it’s the most ideal for younger or inexperienced riders. It’s the all-in-one introduction for anyone just starting out on an electric skateboard. Don’t let the sleek packaging fool you – it has an easy learning curve and is completely beginner friendly. You might believe it, but it’s true! You’re most likely imagining hitting the throttle on the remote and being thrown off the board as it zips off at max speed. But so long as you bend your knees and keep your eyes glued forward, you should be good.

2. Ideal short commuting companions!

They make getting from Point A to Point B kind of an adventure. If you have a young rider in your life who is looking to get to and from school in an all-new way, then the Swagboard is your perfect-fit solution!

Does your child have school at the top of a particularly tall hill? The Swagboard can help take the slope factor out of any commute thanks to the strong motor near the board’s truck, this electric board will let riders glide to the top of almost any hill!

3. Easy-to-use brakes!

If you’re a tad hesitant about starting off at top speed or flying too fast into a turn, the Swagboard is equipped with brakes accessible on your remote control. If you’re on-the-go and come across an immovable object in your path, or even something as simple as a crosswalk, you can breezily come to an easy stop by pressing on the brakes.

4. Flexible turning-radius

The Swagboard is designed with a flexible maple wood deck that makes it surprisingly pliable. This design enables the Swagboard to carve and smoothly handle fast turns. If you need to pop a U-turn or handle s quick swerve, just lean into the board and it will respond to your weight in seconds.

5. Safety!

There is a lot of talk regarding lithium batteries, and we get the hesitation when the words are mentioned in conversation. But we’re never one to shy away from the issues – and how we found a solution for everyone’s safety. It is important to research and ensure that any electric rideable you commit to purchasing is UL certified. This distinction means that your board or bike has been submitted for a series of rigorous safety tests and guarantees that they are safe for riders to use and charge.

The great news is that all SWAGTRON rideables are UL certified, so you can cruise with confidence.

So, where does that leave the Voyager?

1. Great for young adults and adults alike!

The Voyager is an overall bigger package weighing in at 19 lbs and able to carry up to 330lb – making it better equipped for larger riders. The heavy duty 36v lithium-ion battery mounted underneath the board makes it a tad too hefty for younger riders to hull casually around.

2. The perfect beach-cruising companion!

With a faster 350-watt engine and a slower turning radius compared to the Swagboard. This makes this electric longboard ideal for beach cruising, and not so much quick urban navigation.

With its elongated body and smooth, responsive controls, this board can take you barreling down the boardwalk beneath the shade of palm trees on your way to your favorite spot. Perfect for a lazy, beachside Sunday!

3. Easy to stay on top – even at 15 mph!

Because you aren’t constantly repositioning your feet off to push or stay on top of the board, you out all of your focus into steering accurately. This also makes it a great introductory board for anyone seeking to jump into the longboard scene, but don’t quite have pushing/steering technique down pat yet.

4. They make for great alternative personal transportation!

Tired of taking an Uber from your house to the beach? The Voyager makes for a fun and emission-free solution for last mile transportation. Get to your destination… and turn your boring commute into an adventure!

5. These boards are environmentally friendly!

In a society where environmental responsibility and population density is a hot-button issue, it might be worth research and investing in eco-friendly transportation. Freeways have become so congested that emission levels have skyrocketed in recent years, and forget finding decent parking in any major city. It might be worth forgoing a drive to the movies, or even taking a crowded bus to the store.

The Voyager can easily be your go-to transportation that leaves behind no harmful carbon footprint. Designed with ion lithium phosphate batteries, your board not only has a longer lifespan and is safer than other electric batteries, but release zero damaging emissions into our environment. You also won’t be throwing out old batteries constantly, because ours come with rechargeable batteries.

But the best way to find out which board is the best fit for you is to try one out for yourself!

Whether you’re looking to explore your city or spend a slow sunday speeding parallel to a seaside sunset, SWAGTRON has you covered.

If you’re here, we can go out on a solid limb and assume you’re looking into buying yourself your very own racing drone.

But with so many variations available and even more terms (like quadcopter, rpv, and rtf) being casually tossed around, it is difficult to know which one is the perfect-fit for your drone-needs.

What you need to know…

Drones typically always come designed in an X or H-shape and lift themselves with 2 sets of propellers.

All quadcopter’s are built with an internal gyroscope to help keep the quad’s response time acute and an accelerometer – a commonly used device to help properly measure the drone’s acceleration rate, pitch, yawn, and roll. The accelerometer technology is extremely helpful in order to fine-tune its overall maneuverability and positioning. An added bonus you should seek in your drone is an automated failsafe killswitch you can instantly activate in order to preserve the quad’s frame and integrity.

Too much? Okay, we’ll break it down to some simple basics.

Tips and tricks:

There are a few features and add-ons to consider while shopping around for your racing drone. From the quality of the camera to the amount of batteries to have on hand, it can be kind of tricky to nail down exactly what you need, but that’s why we’re here to help!

  1. 1. Flight time!

    A good rule of thumb to keep in mind is that the more affordable “beginner” quadcopters tend to have an average flight time of five to thirty minutes – the cheapest sporting flight times as short as five to ten minutes. This is dependent of the size and capacity of the drone’s battery. If you want to extend your flight time, it might be worth investing in some extra batteries.

  2. 2. Battery life!

    The average drone will come equipped with easily removable batteries. Many quadcopter enthusiasts carry three to four charged batteries on hand in order to get the most out of their flight times.

  3. 3. Camera!

    Cameras are pretty common drone accessories, but they can vary wildly in quality depending on the type of drone you buy. Sometimes, the camera may come as an add-on piece that owner’s install themselves. Aerial photography and videography is a great plus when racing your drone – sometimes viewing your route from above can improve your skills….or is just plain awesome.

    However, if you are seeking to capture professional landscape footage or take high-quality urban photos, you’ll want to look into drones that are FPV (first person viewing) and not so much a zippy racing drone.

    Also, understanding the type of camera you want is important as it may effect your drone’s battery life! If the camera is heavy, your quad will use more power to carry the hefty piece of equipment around.

  4. 4. Failsafes!

    Not every drone comes equipped with this vital feature, and take our word for it, you’ll never regret investing in a drone designed with this!

    Be sure when researching for your dream quadcopter that you find one with an automated failsafe switch that activates the moment your drone registers as out of range. Meanwhile, dynamic locator alarm helps you find your drone and get back to flying!

So, where can you find the ideal drones with all four of these key features …and is really, flat-out fast?

Easy – SWAGTRON, the leading makers of electric rideables, has expanded into electric racing drones.

If you’re looking for the complete package, it is definitely worth investing in the SwagDrone 210-UP FPV Racing Drone.
Key Features Include:

  • ● Durable carbon fiber frame designed not only to protect the quad’s camera and motor, but also for quick, agile movements
  • ● An advanced 700 TVL camera with a field view of 120° – and additionally equipped acute night vision to ensure you capture clear footage no matter the low lighting
  • ● Designed with 3 user-friendly modes – Primary, Mid, and High – for whether your a beginning pilot or a seasoned drone racing expert
  • ● Flexible 5.8G mushroom antenna for issuing responsive commands from a maximum distance of 800 meters
  • ● Equipped with bright LED headlights to help shed a little light on your route
  • ● Failsafe kill switch to help keep your drone from wandering too far and becoming lost!

The SwagDrone 210-UP hits all of the most vital features and design-needs that you’ll want to find in your more advanced racing drones.

However, if you’re in the market for something with a little less impact on your wallet, then the SwagDrone 150-UP is your go-to choice.

Key Features Include:

  • ● Built with a sturdy carbon fiber frame for lightweight and aerodynamic handling
  • ● 5.8G transmitter allows you to access your drone from as far as 500 meters
  • ● 600 VTL camera with 110° field view – capture and transfer real-time HD videos
  • ● 3 different modes – Primary, Mid, and High – for pilots of all skill levels and confidence
  • ● Equipped with bright LED headlights to help you see, no matter the time of day
  • ● Failsafe kill switch to help keep help you keep your drone in-bounds and safe

We’ve all been there, right? That commute that becomes a backdrop of white noise. You set your alarm the night before, resigned, and consider the extra factors you might encounter – jam-packed buses and trains, and the inevitable roadblock.

The routine is tedious.

Whether you’re a part-time student or a full-time working adult, “the commute” is an old dilemma we choose to endure – especially as urban populations continue to rise and parking spaces quickly become rare and coveted commodities.

And things aren’t going to get any easier or spacious if we don’t make a conscious change.

Let me start by sharing my own commuting-transformation story.

I started out my freshman year of college doing a lot of walking. It was a great way to keep off the dreaded “Freshman 15” but it was pretty dang time consuming and meant I was showing up to class just in the nick of time. It didn’t impress my professors too much.

So, I took stock and scoured through my parents’ garage for a solution to this problem. I returned to campus after Thanksgiving armed with an old kick scooter I got for my 10th birthday that I barely rode. It started off great – I cut my campus commute in half, and was even able to drive a lot less. I started taking my scooter to the store to pick up small things, or even caught a movie or two near school.

But after the honeymoon stage passed, the rose-tinted glasses came off and I started to see the drawbacks to my initially wonderful plan. Using an average push or kick scooter was great to start out with, especially going downhill. But once those hills leveled out – or worse, inclined into rotten UPHILLS – it became a lot of strenuous work. I would arrive at classes winded or even show up to my shifts at the cafe on campus sweaty and disheveled. It became so bad, I would often choose to hoof it to work instead of taking my once-beloved scooter.

My friends recommended I make the switch to a bike, but I was faced with the same set of problems. So, it was back to the drawing board.

That’s when I saw it – the solution to all my campus commuting problems. She rode across the quad on it, and at first I thought it was an ordinary but especially smart-looking scooter…only she wasn’t pushing. The scooter was gliding all by itself.

It was like a lightbulb going off over my head in one of those old cartoons: an electric scooter.

So I ran back to my shoebox-sized apartment (relishing the idea that I wouldn’t have to run across campus anymore!) and started my research.

“Best electric scooter” turned up a ton of results – it’s a lot like how every pizzeria in New York claims to have the world’s best pizza. There’s a lot of talk, but not a lot of proof. What was I, a lowly college student, to do? Well, I turned to the reviews, and they were actually pretty helpful. After reading quite a few, I confidently purchased my first electric scooter: the Swagger e-scooter from SWAGTRON.

And to this day, I’m so glad I did.

Immediately, the Swagger made the biggest difference to my day-to-day. My cross-campus commute went from being powered by my own two feet, to a 250-watt motor. I was probably averaging, by again my own feet, an average of 2 to 5 mph. With the Swagger, I was zipping everywhere at 15 mph – even up those steep hills I had been cursing all year.

I got to class ten minutes early. I arrived at work fresh and promptly on-time, instead of looking like I had just left the gym. I drove way less, and I was able to leave my car parked for days at a time while I simply recharged my scooter’s electric batteries. I even avoided unsightly clutter by plugging in the charger beneath my bed and stowing the scooter underneath until my next ride – and it was ready and charged for me!

I used my scooter all four years of college, and even kept using it for my first adult job in San Francisco. And to my surprise, I wasn’t alone! There are many young professionals in the Bay Area living and working, but no longer able to drive to work. Lack of parking, congested streets…the list of reasons goes on. Using my favorite e-scooter, I was able to speedily reach the BART, fold it down, and take it on the train – and I spotted many similar aged, working commuters doing the same…some even using a SWAGTRON Swagger as well!

Could the Swagger e-scooter be the perfect commuting tool for you?

Do you travel a lot? Take the train or bus to most of your destinations? Or do you often park far-away and have to walk to your final destination? Well, you don’t have to. A foldable e-scooter just might be the solution to your commuting problems.

The Swagger is a durable and capable traveling companion ideal for any commuter. It can tackle most crack and bumps in the sidewalk, and can maneuver smoothly on any asphalt street. Able to reach speeds of up to speeds as fast as 15 mph, the Swagger will get you where you need to go, as fast as you need. Easily folded and carried – this e-scooter is perfect for anyone who boards a bus or train on their everyday commute.

The Swagger additionally serves as an alternative to expensive electric cars or spending precious minutes scouring parking lots of r seldomly found spaces. It has a remarkably short learning curve and is definitely the friendliest rideables to use – who didn’t own a simple kick scooter as a kid? The transition from your dinky, push scooter to an electric one is a no-brainer.

Designed with a backlit LED display, this scooter easily helps keep track of battery life, current speed, and total distance covered. To guarantee optimal safety for all riders when it comes time to come to a stop, this e-scooter also comes built with both manual and electric brakes.


After years of using my electric scooter, I can’t recommend one enough.

If you have to show up at work in a pristine suit and can’t risk looking like you just left a rigorous CrossFit session, I urge you to look into a Swagger.

If you’re a student constantly late to class because you had to walk three miles to class from some far-off parking lot – don’t wait. Save up, and grab yourself a Swagger.

It’ll be the best investment in transportation you make.

Hoverboarding safely

Here are some tips for safety gear to use when riding on a hoverboard. First and foremost, don’t worry about other people, worry about your own safety, your head (helmet) your knees (knee pads) your wrists (learn the right way to fall or you will break wrists…until then – wrist guards. And finally elbows(elbow pads). I’ve been battling this a little bit, but the right gear and learning to fall correctly will help with most skatepark and rideable related sports. On a hoverboard, I would begin with nothing short of a Helmet and wrist guards. If you are already used to knee sliding out of things, maybe knee pads would also do you well.

Hoverboard railslide

Here’s some more information from the manufacturers who have studied these products and how they affect your body:


self balancing scooter instructions

These are really very subtle movements, it is as thought ‘you feel and think where you wanna go and it just goes there!’

Motivation to wear protective gear? Why don’t most people wear protective gear in sports?

Now we’ve been talking a lot about self balancing scooters or a hoverboard, but this would count towards skateboarding, scooters and really any sports where you could wear pads, but it may be that no one else is wearing them.

I find this mostly at the ‘cool skateparks’ where the kids go to show off the tricks they learned all week and don’t ‘need pads’. Also, as many of them NEVER skate in pads,  it is way out of the normal for them to suddenly want to spend money on protective equipment that would make them stand out, perhaps as ‘n00b’s or beginners’.

Here’s some reasons:

  • Pads can be too Bulky, hot and uncomfortable.
    Pads make it hard to do tricks and get in the way. For some, it works only wearing them to practice new things, then once dialed in, they don’t need them anymore. While this may be true for some, this is not for everyone. Also, if you are constantly ‘pushing the envelope’.. (I’m not gonna say ‘gleaming the cube’ because NO one gleamed any cubes) chances are you will try things you cannot land yet.
  • Expensive.
    Proper protective gear vs a new skateboard is tough. I can’t disagree that it can be pricey, but then how much is the pain and healing time of broken bone worth to you? 6 weeks in cast and having to take showers with your arm in a plastic bag?
  • Pros don’t wear pads. No. Quite often, they don’t. They do this SO much for a living that they are experts at their craft, KNOW THEIR LIMITS and rarely get injured due to being “better at falling than skateboarding” very possibly. As it turns out, the best skateboarders are also the best at falling without injury. This is something I really have spent a lot of time on and now have a assortment of strange pads that make it look like I’m not always wearing them. I look at this as similar to playing music live. You don’t need the music in front of you after 200 shows, just like the pro’s don’t always wear pads when at demos or contests…depending on the setup.
  • Ugly. Yes, but you can make it such you can’t tell… here’s what I used to get around that -> mind you it didn’t stop me from getting a mad chest injury when my wrist guard dug into my upper chest unfortunately… learning how to fall better and ‘take it’ sometimes means you ‘take it’.
    aaron skateboarding with pads pads to wear on self balancing scooters and rideables
    Here I’m wearing a Seattle style grunge plaid long sleeve to stay warm in the evening and to cover up my g-shock elbow pads that are slipped on first, followed by motocross elbow pads I put over them.
  • So two pairs of elbow pads with one over the other.
    • The first hardens on impact and second covers it:
       elbow pads

The G-form pads felt so ‘non-intrusive’ that I was afraid it wouldn’t protect my current injury so I wore motocross pads over them to protect my injured elbow for the time being.

This oughta keep the swell-bow down. Now if you didn’t notice, the jeans are actually Street & Steel that have special pockets in the knees that I put special D30 knee pads into.

Note: the D30s are NOT the ones that come with the jeans, rather an extra purchase to ensure you have better knee protection. These jeans are really made for motorcycles, so this is kinda badass at the same time.

More Hidden Pads are in the Photo above.

Also, what made me have the most problem skating with this getup was the hip and tailbone pads I was also wearing in the photos above.
armored shorts

Armored Shorts

BILT make a pair that work great, but they’re better off in the daytime as shorts, wearing proper knee pads. Being afraid to hurt my wrists I wear the wrist guards all the time, but man they really hurt when you land ON them under your body. Being a guitarist, I’m very afraid of not wearing wrist guards, working on a better solution, like falling better, but maybe I need different wrist guards again. These armored shorts were great.

Prepare for  falls, but never really fall

If you are prepared, chances are you won’t need to fall much from your self balancing scooter, or an all terrain offroad hoverboard, like the SWAGTRON T6. Now you can safely break your fall if needed. Remember to always to fall away from the hoverboard as it is heavy and likely has some momentum. Always step off the self balancing scooter backwards, not forwards to avoid any ankle injuries.

all terrain hoverboard

Hoverboards go pretty fast (T6 can go 10-12MPH now!) and they are now getting really really powerful. The off-road T6 all terrain hoverboard has so much power, I would be wary about offering it to a child who has never tried before, without protective equipment. I would start with at least a helmet and some gloves or wrist guards / elbow pads. Trust me on this one.



Today we’re talking about fun and unexptected uses and reviews of hoverboards from back in 2016 all the way up to Labor Day 2017.

Now for the best Swagtron hoverboard review I can give you, I need to break it down by hoverboard model, but I will tell you right now, that hands down, the All terrain hoverboard, the T6 is already my vote for product of the Year. And for good reason.

Since I first stepped onto the T6, I’ve been addicted to it’s power and usefulness, plus it adds a solid 4″ to my height making me 6’4″ when ordering hot dogs and ice cream at the beach from the boardwalk.

What’s so much different about this model from the competitors and everything else?

The wonderful T6 and it’s many not so obvious uses.

1) As a chair.

For real. When you are tired, prop it up on one-wheel sideways and you can sit on it, rather comfortably. Throw your hoodie over it for even more comfort. The mad strength (over 400lbs weight certified) means you can lean on it and not worry about bending the axle. It also swivels, kinda like a bar stool, and it’s the perfect height.

2) As a guitarist’s stool to perform from:

hoverboard guitar stool

I had a gig and knew that if I sat on the hoverboard, the guitar would be at the same height as our rehearsal.

Also it got me TO the gig.


3) As a bar stool

  • Where festival bars exist with limited stools… roll up and have a seat!

4) As an art car additional roving stool

  • This means when traveling across a festival on a car designed to carry people, if you have your hoverboard, you can sit down on it and not have to stand
  • Very helpful at burning man
  • Not all festivals allow hoverboards yet

5) As a mode of transporting water and fuel long distances!

  • Carrying water on the T6 all terrain hoverboard is very easy, just balance your load so each arm has the same amount of weight. PULLING a wagon is even easier.

6) As a portable snack table! I just love how easily these things can be put up on one wheel to do many things, even spin around on!

hoverboard as a table

7) It’s ability to travel miles without a recharge and how well it handles off road dirt and sand. Thus as the very best way (if you can ride one…easy, just need a few hours of practice to get the hang of it) to get to a porta-potty without having to move your legs very much, if at all. Trust me! LOL.

Now, moving on, there are all types of hover boards out there, the best hoverboard, the cheapest hoverboard and the hoverboard for sale at big box retailers. The real question is what is it you are looking for, that will work best for you and your needs. If you are buying for your child, then it’s best that they can try out the different kinds before buying, but this is not always the case. I suggest looking at our product page videos to get a solid idea of which product will work best for your child based on what you see.

You can look at the T3 hoverboard, which is our High End, Bluetooth Enabled, LED lights and App-Controllable, where you can set beginner, standard and advanced modes. You can play any music from your phone on the solid high end T3 model and the battery life is quite dependable. The 5 blue dots represent 20% of battery life, and it generally lasts about 3-4 hours.

If you want to spend a little less and this is more for in the home, less out of the home use, the T1 and T5 hoverboards will suit very well to a youngster who wants to ride, perhaps around the backyard and in the driveway. Be very careful around vehicles in the driveway and near roadways. Be sure to wear a helmet at all times and especially when anyone is trying for the first time. Be mindful that first time riders could fall in any direction, so don’t start near a picnic table or benches with corners that could be fallen backwards into. These are relatively safe, and new riders can try squatting down to get used to the motion of moving with the feet. It just takes some practice.

There is an optional handle for the hoverboard, if you really want something to hang on to. I find that the handle could be easily skipped by most skateboarders or scooter riders, but good for non-riders who are trying hoverboards without any skatepark experience on other rideables, electric or non-electric.

It’s likely best to avoid used or auctioned hoverboards for sale online due to not knowing if they are actually UL 2272 certified or what else they may have already endured.

Here’s some final quick buyer tips:

  • Always beware of non-official used products.
  • Refurbished SWAGTRON:
    • Official stock
    • Cheaper
    • Online Support
    • SWAGTRON is UL Listed
  • UL Listed?
    • Recertified or brand new out of the box.
    • SWAGTRON is UL Listed,
    • learn more about UL  on our UL Listed pages.

Get your own self balancing scooter today!

Do the new off-road hoverboards make them relevant again?

After seeing the craziness ensue around the hoverboard craze in 2015, you probably saw many examples of two wheeled self-balancing scooters, or hoverboards in the news and on television, at airports and on the sidewalks.  You also may have noticed that most of these hovercrafts or non-flying wheeled rolling machines were pretty much limited to malls and other nice smooth surfaces like clean California type sidewalks.

How does the fact that off-road hoverboards are out even matter?

You can bet your last dollar that it does! Now you no longer need to worry about being in people’s ways on walkways as you can go off onto the grass. Now you are no longer limited to clean smooth surfaces, but can pretty much go anywhere the other kids go, like any bmx bike can, but with a lot less effort and in style with lights and music!

Why should adults take notice, not just kids?

These all terrain powerful machines may almost be too much power from some young kids to handle. However, kids learn quick and I’ve seen 11-13 year old girls and boys really master the T6 and it can hold over 420 Lbs. So this means no longer do are these units limited to kids who weigh under 175 lbs. With 12 mile ranges, you or anyone able-bodied enough to stand and balance, can commute to and from work 20 miles daily as long as you have a charger at work!

all terrain hoverboard
Also, I don’t think that people are so much concerned about being run over by someone on an errant hoverboard as they really don’t get away from you, but more so that you can now explore the parks and all the grassy, not paved areas that may be much more interesting. This opens up a whole new world for exploring and enjoying the outdoors on a personal self balancing device, like the T6 Offroad Hoverboard.

Going offroad this season has been an amazing experience, now you can ride along the boardwalk at the beach at a nice 8MPH cruising speed (as posted) and have not one but two hands free to take photographs, or simply eat french fries while enjoying the breeze. The comments we get daily riding around on these things is quite funny and interesting. Since the technology is still rather new, there are many people who don’t understand it yet and are surprised at just how fun, strong and durable these off road hoverboards are.

So amazingly, I was able to take the T6 all terrain hoverboard to the burning man arts festival, which normally I would spend most of my time traveling around on bikes at.

the tree & robot heart

Unbelievably, I only rode the bike 2 times, more to come about the success of the off road hoverboards on the dried up lake bed, also called the playa (which is like a giant baseball infield without any water in sight). My friends who built cars with gasoline and have fire effects and flames around a lot didn’t expect my battery powered self balancing scooter to last too long into the week.

Here you see yet another of the many uses of the T6, which makes for a great stool as well as a dinner table!

offroad hoverboard as a table

To the surprise of very many, it was a hit and my preferred method of transportation. I learned quickly that you don’t need to get off your hoverboard to enjoy the dance floors, it actually can make things better!

Maybe you are considering trying out a self balancing scooter, here’s where you can actually, finally go and do it!


Let’s put it out there, once and for all: commuting is not fun.

Waking up early, factoring in extra time for crowded buses or trains, and even the occasional road block. The routine itself can be dreary. Whether you’re a student or a working adult, the struggle is an old, worn-out problem we continue to tackle – especially as urban populations are only on the uprise (in other words, cities aren’t going to get any more spacious!)

But what if we told you there was a solution to help break up the daily grind?

Could an e-scooter be the perfect solution to your work or school commute?

Meet Katherine.


Katherine is a lifestyle and advice blogger helping give perspective for anyone just starting their college career or job hunting journey. She also does a few fun traveling vlogs! If you’re a millennial in your early 20’s, you’ll easily be able to relate to Katherine’s videos.

Because Katherine is always commuting for school and work in the Los Angeles area, SWAGTRON reached out and sent her one of our newest e-scooter models, the Swagger Pro.

The Swagger Pro is our most rough-and-tumble scooter model yet, designed with a durable frame and capable of traveling over any bumps or cracks in the sidewalk. Able to reach speeds of up to 18 mph, it’s a fast, travel-friendly commuting companion! Easily collapsed and carried – the Swagger Pro is ideal for anyone who boards a train (like Katherine!) or a bus as part of their daily commute.

Meaning: it is a convenient commuting tool for students or working professionals!

Funnily enough, Katherine’s Swagger Pro arrived while she was still abroad in Europe, so her dad took the scooter out for a spin and took to it right away! Goes to show you that the Swagger Pro is not just beginner friendly, but also ideal for anyone of almost any age.

dad on electric scooter
Her Dad got to ‘Test it out for her’ and became quickly addicted. Then her sister got in on the E scooter.

“It has become a part of my morning commute,” Katherine says in her video. “I always look forward to riding it and everyone in my office always wants to try it.”

Q: So what’s the take-away lesson here?

A: A heavy-duty, collapsible e-scooter just might be the answer to your commuting problems.

There are many young urban professionals in the Bay Area living and working, but no longer driving to work. Using your favorite e-scooter like the Swagger Pro enables you to speedily reach the BART, fold it down, and take it on the train.

Much easier than a bike and without all of the sweat.

If there is one thing e-bikes and electric rideables really have over their analog counterparts, it’s the sweat factor. If you’re a working professional riding your bike or scooter to work, you might arrive just a little…well…sweaty. Maybe even tired. While there is definitely something to be said for real exercise, the switch from your old kick scooter to a motorized e-scooter could take care of that messy problem. You don’t necessarily want to show up looking like you just came from the gym!

Be ahead of the trends and don’t be afraid to get somewhere in style on what appears to now be the best electric scooter for commuting, the Swagger Pro, with speeds up to 17 MPH. You can hang on, apply brakes as needed, and wear a helmet for safety.


Take it from Katherine! Grab yourself an e-scooter and take your next commute to the max.

Watch here as her sister tries, note this is her FIRST time on this Electric Scooter (the Swagger Pro is available now) and does very well! You can too.

On Friday, the day we landed the first ever hoverboard railslide we were lucky to be invited to come hang out at the Braille Skateboarding House in San Leandra, CA during their first ever summer skate camp.  We brought along some friends from Sk8 Kamp and we had a grand ol’ time trying out some of their obstacles with different rideables ranging from the folding SwagCycle e bike  to several of SWAGTRON’s Voyager Electric Skateboard products.

Gabe seemed to be really into the SwagCycle, so without any delay he hit the parking lot on that thing for quite some time.

We enjoyed moving around some of the ramps and obstacles in the Braille House to try and land some new interesting tricks. We got some backside air transfers on the 2′ launch ramps against the wall then started playing around with the boxes and the rails looking for trick ideas. Some of the Braille skate campers were testing out trick ideas such as having a harness for both feet to allow for ‘jumping’ over ollieing. This allows kids to try tricks they normally can’t. Which is what we love about places like the Braille Skateboarding House. Creativity with skateboarding never ceases to amaze me, but now we have all these other devices to add into the mix. It will never get boring and we’ll never run out of skateable, rideable things to try.

Skateboarding at an adult age seems even more bizarre when you add electric skateboarding and then electric unicycles and hoverboards into the mix. This is a lot like what Warren Miller would call ‘snowriding’. He’s a well known ski/snow film director who for years promote all types of winter sports. I remember watching ‘snowriders 2′ and thinking, “skiier / snowboarding, who cares hit the jump!”. Years later, we have the x-games and for things like rideables. If you can skate, you can probably hoverboard. An electric skateboard is transportation and an e bike, well that’s just pure fun in the sun, especially at the SoCal beaches like Newport and Huntington Beach.

So after discussing what tools we would need to add rails to our hoverboards, rather than wasting precious time at the Braille House, we decided to NOT initially put rails on the hoverboard.

Now this is really only possible because the T6 has 10″ air-filled tires and rugged wheels that are good for 1’ step drops without unbalancing and also the 400 lbs. weight limitation really kicks in as our friend, Aaron, weigh about 175-180 pounds. When he landed on the rail, it would have been a significant amount of force that smaller hoverboards would likely break from. Please, don’t try this with a non-off-road hoverboard! We would recommend not trying this at home, as this was done in a professional skateboarding facility with trained professionals. This probably would not work on regular hoverboards and would ONLY try railslides with the T6 All Terrain Hoverboard and with protective gear all around, if at all. Remember this thing has two 400 watt motors, equal to 800 watts of power!

Also, because Aaron USE RAILS on my anti-hero deck, he can do neat things like turn from railslide to 50/50. This is hard to fathom, but very easy with rails, very hard with no rails, try to get into a hurricane or feeble from a sitting boardslide with no rails.

This all led up to this happening at Braille.

Aaron took the skateboard platforms with metal edges and moved them in such a configuration that he could ride the hoverboard with the right height and just enough speed, while making a bit of an interesting line out of it, to slide the rail. Now there was a longer rail and Aaron tempted to try it next time… we’ll see if that happens, but for now he was comfortable with being the first one to do this railslide on an off-road T6 hoverboard. The air filled tires really make this hoverboard fun to ride, it feels like BMX bike tires on both of your feet. After a few weeks of practice, you can start to feel a lot more ‘second nature’ on the hoverboards. Even this morning when Aaron took his car to get an oil change, he was able to hoverboard 2 miles to eat breakfast without breaking a sweat. Had he been skating or walking? He would have been drenched in this Southern California summer heat. So all hail the T6 for not laziness, but effective transportation during those ‘last mile’ moments when the car is unavailable or parked.

Here’s what the T6 off-road hoverboard looks like in action: