The other weekend I was out riding the SwagCycle e bike down in Newport beach. Now the way I look on this thing, can really a be a bit of a  riot as it looks unique.

e bike

See how the short set of wheels are actually really quite powerful and the funny horn ‘beep beep’ sound you can make with the press of a button. I was simply enjoying the weather and cruising around the huge open space at the end of the boardwalk by the school carrying my electric swagboard on the e bike.  When suddenly there was this huge flock of riders who had rented ‘larger handled rideables’ and I felt like I was in Star Wars, approaching a bunch of Tie Fighters… see below, you’ll see what I mean how they whiz by you all in unison. Seemingly powered by some dark force out to destroy all that is good, Yoda help us.

This is such a great spot to test out e bike rideables and electric skateboards because you have so much room to turn and coast with lots of breeze coming off the Pacific. It really is the perfect spot for testing out any rideable. I also found that the SwagCycle e bike is great for getting around Newport beach with all the traffic. You can just take the boardwalk or sidewalks without really getting in the way, plus the trusty *horn on this electric bike does wonders for laughter and to keep you safe. Solid brakes too.

I’ve since come here on the Voyager Electric Skateboard and enjoyed top speed with ease while the wind comes off the ocean waves. It’s quite a sight and invigorating if you skateboard. Once you know how to skate, you enjoy the feeling of ‘carving’ be it on snow, ramps, concrete or just an open parking lot on an electric cruiser with two 350 watt motors!

Prior to this event with the larger, police style or ‘mall cop’ rideables, I had run into a bunch of people on electric unicycles with handlebars. You can see how our SwagRoller e bike was much simpler without all of those extra handles. I ended up singing: “I can ride my e bike with no handlebars…no handlebars”, and we had a good laugh.

I can ride my swagroller with no handle bars, no handle bars #rideswagtron #skatelife #staminamusic @swagtronusa

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Even though it feels like quite the competition, there’s a certain camaraderie between all the electric vehicle riders you see out there…some feel superior, but all seem to have that common desire for ‘having more power’ as opposed to human powered propulsion.

Does this make us lazy? Well I personally spend most of my energy at the skatepark, so whatever I do extra is just gravy. If I’m on a self balancing scooter or an electric skateboard, I still exercised in the skatepark already so I’m good with that!

Get your SwagCycle Today!

e bike


Ready to learn how to ride an electric bicycle?

Whether you’re looking to cruise around town, or for a solution to cover that last mile from the subway to work; the SwagCycle e-bike is the way to go. Featuring LED headlights, an electronic horn, battery indicators as well as a 250-watt motor, the SwagCycle serves as a fast, eco-friendly and sleek transportation option for riders who are looking to get where they want to go in style.

Here’s a quick and easy guide for how to get up and go on your SwagCycle.

How to Set Up Your SwagCycle

First, ensure that your electric bicycle is fully charged and ready to go. The SwagCycle connects to a regular wall outlet using a charger, and charges in just 2.5- 4 hours.

After the electric bike has been charged, be sure to lift the stem up in the event that it has been folded down. One of the unique features is the compact folding design making it convenient for storage.  In order to lift the stem, first pull the handlebar stem upright, and fold up the latch to secure it. You should hear an audible clink as the motorized bicycle locks into place.

Once the stem is set up, you’re almost ready to start riding.

How to Ride your SwagCycle

Just like riding a bicycle, it’s highly recommended that you wear a helmet when you ride, especially since the SwagCycle can reach speeds of up to 15mph. To turn on the motorized bike, go over to the left handle bar button, and switch the power button onto the on position. And just like that, your SwagCycle is ready to ride. To accelerate, simply turn the right-hand throttle, while using any of the brakes located on the handlebars to slow down.

Just remember these 4 easy steps:

1.Safety first – put on a helmet!

2.Disengage the kickstand

3.Move power switch to “on”

4.Hit the throttle and go!

SwagCycle E-bike
Don’t forget to disengage the kick-stand!


For first time riders, it’s recommended that you accelerate slowly before moving forward, the powerful engine can cause you to lose your balance if you’re not ready for the initial kick.

Now you know how to ride the SwagCycle, so you can experience the revolution in personal transportation! Enjoy speeding up to 15mph for a distance of 15 miles as you turn heads on the stylish and compact SwagCycle e-bike from SWAGTRON.