Hoverboarding safely

Here are some tips for safety gear to use when riding on a hoverboard. First and foremost, don’t worry about other people, worry about your own safety, your head (helmet) your knees (knee pads) your wrists (learn the right way to fall or you will break wrists…until then – wrist guards. And finally elbows(elbow pads). I’ve been battling this a little bit, but the right gear and learning to fall correctly will help with most skatepark and rideable related sports. On a hoverboard, I would begin with nothing short of a Helmet and wrist guards. If you are already used to knee sliding out of things, maybe knee pads would also do you well.

Hoverboard railslide

Here’s some more information from the manufacturers who have studied these products and how they affect your body:


self balancing scooter instructions

These are really very subtle movements, it is as thought ‘you feel and think where you wanna go and it just goes there!’

Motivation to wear protective gear? Why don’t most people wear protective gear in sports?

Now we’ve been talking a lot about self balancing scooters or a hoverboard, but this would count towards skateboarding, scooters and really any sports where you could wear pads, but it may be that no one else is wearing them.

I find this mostly at the ‘cool skateparks’ where the kids go to show off the tricks they learned all week and don’t ‘need pads’. Also, as many of them NEVER skate in pads,  it is way out of the normal for them to suddenly want to spend money on protective equipment that would make them stand out, perhaps as ‘n00b’s or beginners’.

Here’s some reasons:

  • Pads can be too Bulky, hot and uncomfortable.
    Pads make it hard to do tricks and get in the way. For some, it works only wearing them to practice new things, then once dialed in, they don’t need them anymore. While this may be true for some, this is not for everyone. Also, if you are constantly ‘pushing the envelope’.. (I’m not gonna say ‘gleaming the cube’ because NO one gleamed any cubes) chances are you will try things you cannot land yet.
  • Expensive.
    Proper protective gear vs a new skateboard is tough. I can’t disagree that it can be pricey, but then how much is the pain and healing time of broken bone worth to you? 6 weeks in cast and having to take showers with your arm in a plastic bag?
  • Pros don’t wear pads. No. Quite often, they don’t. They do this SO much for a living that they are experts at their craft, KNOW THEIR LIMITS and rarely get injured due to being “better at falling than skateboarding” very possibly. As it turns out, the best skateboarders are also the best at falling without injury. This is something I really have spent a lot of time on and now have a assortment of strange pads that make it look like I’m not always wearing them. I look at this as similar to playing music live. You don’t need the music in front of you after 200 shows, just like the pro’s don’t always wear pads when at demos or contests…depending on the setup.
  • Ugly. Yes, but you can make it such you can’t tell… here’s what I used to get around that -> mind you it didn’t stop me from getting a mad chest injury when my wrist guard dug into my upper chest unfortunately… learning how to fall better and ‘take it’ sometimes means you ‘take it’.
    aaron skateboarding with pads pads to wear on self balancing scooters and rideables
    Here I’m wearing a Seattle style grunge plaid long sleeve to stay warm in the evening and to cover up my g-shock elbow pads that are slipped on first, followed by motocross elbow pads I put over them.
  • So two pairs of elbow pads with one over the other.
    • The first hardens on impact and second covers it:
       elbow pads

The G-form pads felt so ‘non-intrusive’ that I was afraid it wouldn’t protect my current injury so I wore motocross pads over them to protect my injured elbow for the time being.

This oughta keep the swell-bow down. Now if you didn’t notice, the jeans are actually Street & Steel that have special pockets in the knees that I put special D30 knee pads into.

Note: the D30s are NOT the ones that come with the jeans, rather an extra purchase to ensure you have better knee protection. These jeans are really made for motorcycles, so this is kinda badass at the same time.

More Hidden Pads are in the Photo above.

Also, what made me have the most problem skating with this getup was the hip and tailbone pads I was also wearing in the photos above.
armored shorts

Armored Shorts

BILT make a pair that work great, but they’re better off in the daytime as shorts, wearing proper knee pads. Being afraid to hurt my wrists I wear the wrist guards all the time, but man they really hurt when you land ON them under your body. Being a guitarist, I’m very afraid of not wearing wrist guards, working on a better solution, like falling better, but maybe I need different wrist guards again. These armored shorts were great.

Prepare for  falls, but never really fall

If you are prepared, chances are you won’t need to fall much from your self balancing scooter, or an all terrain offroad hoverboard, like the SWAGTRON T6. Now you can safely break your fall if needed. Remember to always to fall away from the hoverboard as it is heavy and likely has some momentum. Always step off the self balancing scooter backwards, not forwards to avoid any ankle injuries.

all terrain hoverboard

Hoverboards go pretty fast (T6 can go 10-12MPH now!) and they are now getting really really powerful. The off-road T6 all terrain hoverboard has so much power, I would be wary about offering it to a child who has never tried before, without protective equipment. I would start with at least a helmet and some gloves or wrist guards / elbow pads. Trust me on this one.



SwagCycles, e bikes are easy rides when injured

Recently I have been riding the SwagCycle e Bike around when I need some air, as well as the off road hoverboard, more than the skateboard and there’s a really, really good reason for that. It’s not just that the hoverboard is amazing for shooting video, not that an e bike is killer for playing Pokémon Go, but rather that it helps when you have a minor injury and can’t really skate for another week.

Rideables of all types really keep  you moving with less impact when healing. That said as of last night, I can now finally skate the 3 foot to 4 foot bowl at Cost Mesa Volcom Skatepark, I did five runs and never fell. To train myself I only wore an elbow pad, forcing me to do tricks I never fall on. Success.

So until then, I’m hoverboarding and riding the e bike and I don’t care who knows it, however all the kids seem to want to try the hoverboard when I want to ride it.

Gabe’s e bike Ollie Challenge

It has come to my attention that our friends up at Braille Skateboarding have taken upon a challenge successfully that we bestowed upon them. I didn’t expect such a response and wow, nice ollie!

See here as Gabe Cruz ‘allows’ this amazing skater (VINNIE BANH go follow him now) to Ollie over his new SwagCycle e bike. Just listen to that horn in slow motion for all the goodness. Gabe is loving this ‘right thumb red button’ horn.

  • Try that. Say “Right Thumb Red Button” to anyone on a swag cycle. If it SHUTS OFF, they mistakenly used their left thumb!

@swagtronusa this is for you!! Everyone enjoy their Tuesday! #swagcycle

A post shared by Gabe Cruz (@gabecruz01) on

The SwagCycle is a riot, I had one on the beach last weekend of summer and the “right thumb red button” horn alone cracks me up.


So, that went well. I still need to test out their 3-4 foot half-pipe.

CHALLENGE: And this is a big one. You know we were initially quite skeptical about being able to ride the T6 off-road hoverboard on the street course we made for burning man. By the end of the week, we were hooking the board over the coping, pausing at the top to socialize, then rolling back in while holding a drink. Now we want to try to do, after my success on the ‘hoverboard railslide’, something we would attest to being ‘hoverboard rock’n’roll’ on the half pipe.

Here’s the half-pipe attempt at Braille in San Leandra.

Psssst! Get your OWN SwagCycle by SWAGTRON USA right here -> e bike <- do it.


Today we’re talking about fun and unexptected uses and reviews of hoverboards from back in 2016 all the way up to Labor Day 2017.

Now for the best Swagtron hoverboard review I can give you, I need to break it down by hoverboard model, but I will tell you right now, that hands down, the All terrain hoverboard, the T6 is already my vote for product of the Year. And for good reason.

Since I first stepped onto the T6, I’ve been addicted to it’s power and usefulness, plus it adds a solid 4″ to my height making me 6’4″ when ordering hot dogs and ice cream at the beach from the boardwalk.

What’s so much different about this model from the competitors and everything else?

The wonderful T6 and it’s many not so obvious uses.

1) As a chair.

For real. When you are tired, prop it up on one-wheel sideways and you can sit on it, rather comfortably. Throw your hoodie over it for even more comfort. The mad strength (over 400lbs weight certified) means you can lean on it and not worry about bending the axle. It also swivels, kinda like a bar stool, and it’s the perfect height.

2) As a guitarist’s stool to perform from:

hoverboard guitar stool

I had a gig and knew that if I sat on the hoverboard, the guitar would be at the same height as our rehearsal.

Also it got me TO the gig.


3) As a bar stool

  • Where festival bars exist with limited stools… roll up and have a seat!

4) As an art car additional roving stool

  • This means when traveling across a festival on a car designed to carry people, if you have your hoverboard, you can sit down on it and not have to stand
  • Very helpful at burning man
  • Not all festivals allow hoverboards yet

5) As a mode of transporting water and fuel long distances!

  • Carrying water on the T6 all terrain hoverboard is very easy, just balance your load so each arm has the same amount of weight. PULLING a wagon is even easier.

6) As a portable snack table! I just love how easily these things can be put up on one wheel to do many things, even spin around on!

hoverboard as a table

7) It’s ability to travel miles without a recharge and how well it handles off road dirt and sand. Thus as the very best way (if you can ride one…easy, just need a few hours of practice to get the hang of it) to get to a porta-potty without having to move your legs very much, if at all. Trust me! LOL.

Now, moving on, there are all types of hover boards out there, the best hoverboard, the cheapest hoverboard and the hoverboard for sale at big box retailers. The real question is what is it you are looking for, that will work best for you and your needs. If you are buying for your child, then it’s best that they can try out the different kinds before buying, but this is not always the case. I suggest looking at our product page videos to get a solid idea of which product will work best for your child based on what you see.

You can look at the T3 hoverboard, which is our High End, Bluetooth Enabled, LED lights and App-Controllable, where you can set beginner, standard and advanced modes. You can play any music from your phone on the solid high end T3 model and the battery life is quite dependable. The 5 blue dots represent 20% of battery life, and it generally lasts about 3-4 hours.

If you want to spend a little less and this is more for in the home, less out of the home use, the T1 and T5 hoverboards will suit very well to a youngster who wants to ride, perhaps around the backyard and in the driveway. Be very careful around vehicles in the driveway and near roadways. Be sure to wear a helmet at all times and especially when anyone is trying for the first time. Be mindful that first time riders could fall in any direction, so don’t start near a picnic table or benches with corners that could be fallen backwards into. These are relatively safe, and new riders can try squatting down to get used to the motion of moving with the feet. It just takes some practice.

There is an optional handle for the hoverboard, if you really want something to hang on to. I find that the handle could be easily skipped by most skateboarders or scooter riders, but good for non-riders who are trying hoverboards without any skatepark experience on other rideables, electric or non-electric.

It’s likely best to avoid used or auctioned hoverboards for sale online due to not knowing if they are actually UL 2272 certified or what else they may have already endured.

Here’s some final quick buyer tips:

  • Always beware of non-official used products.
  • Refurbished SWAGTRON:
    • Official stock
    • Cheaper
    • Online Support
    • SWAGTRON is UL Listed
  • UL Listed?
    • Recertified or brand new out of the box.
    • SWAGTRON is UL Listed,
    • learn more about UL  on our UL Listed pages.

Get your own self balancing scooter today!

Do the new off-road hoverboards make them relevant again?

After seeing the craziness ensue around the hoverboard craze in 2015, you probably saw many examples of two wheeled self-balancing scooters, or hoverboards in the news and on television, at airports and on the sidewalks.  You also may have noticed that most of these hovercrafts or non-flying wheeled rolling machines were pretty much limited to malls and other nice smooth surfaces like clean California type sidewalks.

How does the fact that off-road hoverboards are out even matter?

You can bet your last dollar that it does! Now you no longer need to worry about being in people’s ways on walkways as you can go off onto the grass. Now you are no longer limited to clean smooth surfaces, but can pretty much go anywhere the other kids go, like any bmx bike can, but with a lot less effort and in style with lights and music!

Why should adults take notice, not just kids?

These all terrain powerful machines may almost be too much power from some young kids to handle. However, kids learn quick and I’ve seen 11-13 year old girls and boys really master the T6 and it can hold over 420 Lbs. So this means no longer do are these units limited to kids who weigh under 175 lbs. With 12 mile ranges, you or anyone able-bodied enough to stand and balance, can commute to and from work 20 miles daily as long as you have a charger at work!

all terrain hoverboard
Also, I don’t think that people are so much concerned about being run over by someone on an errant hoverboard as they really don’t get away from you, but more so that you can now explore the parks and all the grassy, not paved areas that may be much more interesting. This opens up a whole new world for exploring and enjoying the outdoors on a personal self balancing device, like the T6 Offroad Hoverboard.

Going offroad this season has been an amazing experience, now you can ride along the boardwalk at the beach at a nice 8MPH cruising speed (as posted) and have not one but two hands free to take photographs, or simply eat french fries while enjoying the breeze. The comments we get daily riding around on these things is quite funny and interesting. Since the technology is still rather new, there are many people who don’t understand it yet and are surprised at just how fun, strong and durable these off road hoverboards are.

So amazingly, I was able to take the T6 all terrain hoverboard to the burning man arts festival, which normally I would spend most of my time traveling around on bikes at.

the tree & robot heart

Unbelievably, I only rode the bike 2 times, more to come about the success of the off road hoverboards on the dried up lake bed, also called the playa (which is like a giant baseball infield without any water in sight). My friends who built cars with gasoline and have fire effects and flames around a lot didn’t expect my battery powered self balancing scooter to last too long into the week.

Here you see yet another of the many uses of the T6, which makes for a great stool as well as a dinner table!

offroad hoverboard as a table

To the surprise of very many, it was a hit and my preferred method of transportation. I learned quickly that you don’t need to get off your hoverboard to enjoy the dance floors, it actually can make things better!

Maybe you are considering trying out a self balancing scooter, here’s where you can actually, finally go and do it!


CES 2017 saw something interesting happening in the Swagtron booth. It was like any other booth in the show, but then there was a slight increase of footfalls in the Swagtron booth. Then, more and more people started to come to the Swagtron area, and soon it was one of the most popular spots there. The reason – the sheer range and innovativeness of Swagtron. They have recently come out with an electric surfboard called SwagSurf.


That the people at Swagtron are constantly thinking ahead is very apparent from their constant endeavors to lead the way forward for the entire hoverboard and e-rideables industry.


If you think about the beginning of the hoverboard phenomenon, it was around 2015 that hoverboards really started to become popular. At that time there were several brands of hoverboards, and they were all trying to make the most of the rapidly rising popularity of the brand new hoverboard phenomenon. Phunkee Duck used celebrities to endorse their brand and became a leader. IO Hawk also got its share of customers in the same way.


Working quietly and efficiently along with these brands was a robust and hard-working brand, Swagway, which soon became Swagtron. When the hoverboard buying frenzy was at its peak, Swagtron was one of the most sought after and purchased hoverboards in the United States.


Then the fires and explosions started, and soon the entire industry was in turmoil, with hoverboards getting banned everywhere. And that was when Swagtron came out with the world’s first UL 2272 certified hoverboard, the Swagtron T1, and this was quickly followed up with the Swagtron T3, a more enhanced hoverboard with Bluetooth speakers and more.


Swagtron was the first hoverboard brand in the world with UL 2272 certification to retail in the US, and by that time it had become clear that they were the market leaders in every sense of the word. The CPSC or the Consumer Product Safety Commission of the United States Govt. announced that only UL 2272 certified hoverboards could be legally retailed in the United States. Swagtron was right in front and in fact partnered with UL, United Laboratories, the 123 year old organization (founded in 1894) that sets safety standards in the United States, to determine the UL safety standards for the electrical systems of self balancing hoverboards.


That meant that Swagtron was actually helping shape how the entire hoverboard industry was going to deal with the safety and quality issues in the United States. The UL 2272 standards were fool proof and Swagtron in its forward looking approach had gone even further. They created the patented Sentry Shield battery system that housed the battery in a special aluminum casing that was so strong that it became the world’s first self-balancing electric board to pass the original UL 10-ton battery crush test. The range of tests that it passed was huge, and included dropping it from a height of several feet, heating it, putting it through tortuous situations and more. There were many other enhancements that made it stand out as the best hoverboard at the best price, in the world. From a fire retardant polycarbonate body to silicone encased electrical systems to much more, the Swagtron was the new standard of hoverboards in the world.


Another key part of the Swagtron brand philosophy was their consistent commitment to give the customers a great product at a reasonable price. While the Phunkee Ducks of the world were selling at highly inflated prices, Swagtron was maintaining a very balanced and real price on its hoverboards. Even today, Swagtron’s electrical hoverboards, scooters, skateboards and other products are carefully priced in the optimal range. This desire to deliver the best value at the best price to all customers is at the heart of the Swagtron brand vision.

Swagtron was ahead then and is ahead today. With innovation and quality as the guiding standards of the brand, Swagtron went on to make several more of the best electric rideables in the world. It came up with the Swagtron T6, their off-road heavy duty hoverboard that can tackle uneven surfaces, like grassy fields, gravel, and broken paths. They also came up with the beginner hoverboard, the Swagtron T5. And as a special edition and making it the very first in the world, Swagtron created miniature hoverboards for finger riding, which had the exact same electric motors, lights, speakers, and all of the features of the actual full sized models.

The innovation at Swagtron just kept soaring, and the array of products they have come up with and are already retailing is quite long now. It includes the Swagger e-scooter that is also the world’s lightest as it has been made with carbon fiber. They have also launched the more advanced Swagger Pro that has an extended range of up to 18 miles and a higher speed of 16 miles per hour. The Swagtron T6 that we mentioned before is also the only hoverboard in the world that can support up to 400lbs, and can travel through mud, grass, rain and gravel.


The Swagboard electric skateboard is fitted with the UL 2272 certified Sentry Shield battery system and is the next gen skateboard to go for. The Voyager Longboard is 42 inches long and also has a remote control. SwagCycle their eCycle has a unique foldable design that allows you to easily store it into a car or a small space, by folding the handle. They recently launched the SwagRoller electric unicycle that is very portable and has Bluetooth speakers too. Of course the latest in this series is the SwagSurf, a electric powered surfboard that will be retailing in some time, as they are still testing the prototypes.

e bike


With such powerful products and strong brand equity, it was only natural that it would become the top choice of experts and buyers everywhere. Swagtron has featured consistently in the Ellen DeGeneres show and has been a favorite in every edition of CES since it started to participate. Just a few days back on the 47th Earth Day, Swagtron went to the Ellen Show and gifted a small army of e-rideables like Swagger Scooters, SwagCycles, SwagBoards and more to the live audience in the show’s studio. Swagtron wanted to spread the message of emission free transport through its electric scooters, electric cycles and electric skateboards. In fact it is probably the most written about hoverboard brand in the world, with entire independent websites dedicated to the brand. One such website, www.besthoverboardbrands.org says that ‘this hoverboard is everyone’s dream come true’.


Of course it goes without saying that all leading technology websites feature Swagtron on a regular basis. Swagtron is always appearing on Mashable.com where their Editor-At-Large Lance Ulanoff is regularly reviewing and writing about Swagtron e-rideables and e-surfabales. Swagtron is also regularly featured in top blogs like Gizmodo.com and The Verge.


If you are thinking about picking up a hoverboard or an e-rideable, it is worth checking out Swagtron, and comparing it with the other brands in the industry. The future is wide open for the now maturing e-rideables and hoverboard industry, and Swagtron is most definitely poised to lead it from the front.


Author Bio:

The author, Roger Waldens, resident writer at besthoverboardbrands.org, has been writing on the Swagtron brand for several years now.

The electric rideables game has changed. No longer are these kid’s toys or pogo sticks.

Remember when skateboarding was considered a fad? Well as of now it has become an OLYMPIC SPORT and I can realistically only see more organized things happening for electric rideables in the future. I know there are already several electric rideables leagues starting specific to certain products. Stay tuned as we follow the rideables world while it evolves into things you’ve never seen for real… yet.

Serious Commute

NOW knowing that you seriously can commute 10-12 miles there and 10-12 Miles back when you fully charge the All Terrain Hoverboard, (the T6 from SWAGTRON) in between rides as it takes about 2-3 hours to fully charge. That’s unheard of (at least is was until now) in the ‘Self Balancing Scooter’ world. The WHAT? You know. The world of: ‘Off road hoverboards from Amazon’, the ‘cheap off-road hoverboard’, the ’10 inch off road hoverboard with off road tires’, WHAT is it called again? a ‘Two wheel balance board’?

Off Road Hoverboard
Buy the T6 Now!


Hold on McFly… a Hoverboard, but an ALL TERRAIN HOVERBOARD..

“You need more power?”

Rated #1 All Terrain Hoverboard by independent review website Choosewheels.com!


You know,  like the ones in Back to the Future with Michael J. Fox? That’s right and we cannot leave out the character Emmet ‘Doc’ Brown’s forever inspiring influence on the new Rick & Morty show.

Yes now that we’ve decided that hoverboards, are called hoverboards…the next evolution was to ride them like BMX bikes… not just on tile surfaces in rich houses.

If you want to know the difference between real hoverboards and real hoverboards, this article clearly explains it.

With the new 10″ air filled, BMX Style tires you now can ride it to the store and not worry that you’ll get run over by someone making a right turn if you hit a TINY little crack between the asphalt and the curb.

Just think of a BMX bike tire and how it easily can ride over driveways and curbs… just like cars. Now the all terrain hoverboard can do the same thing with you in total control.

I give you the T6 ALL Terrain Hoverboard from SWAGTRON.

“You Need More Power McFly”?

This is it. The SOLID as ever SWAGTRON T6 All Terrain Hoverboard


Killer Specs & Facts Sheet

This All Terrain Hoverboard is by far the best hoverboard on the market (also costs Under $500) and the first in the world that can support over 400 lbs.

  • This means you can carry someone on your shoulders (wearing helmets of course) while riding along the fishing pier. I know, I’ve tried it.
  • ALL SIZED RIDERS – MASSIVE, this hoverboard cruises through grass, and this T6 can easily hold well over 400 pounds (4oo lbs), making it a top choice for all riders.
  • ALL TERRAIN HOVERBOARD – Think of it this way, a BMX bike can easily ride over curbs and on the edges of lawns, or whatever hazzards you will see in your regular rides in the park and around the neighborhood. No longer are hoverboards or self balancing scooters with two wheels contstrained to just smooth, sidewalk safe type surfaces. Now you can get places like you can with a bike, but save energy for when you get there.
  • UPHILL – With the power to ride uphill on inclines up to 30° you will be looked at in amazement while others see you effortlessly climbing paths and rolling around the grass in the park, playing games with friends such as Pokémon and easily navigating throught any light mud, grass, some rain, and even gravel.
  • UNPRECEDENTED COMMUTE RANGE OF 12 MILES – Get to where you need to and back with a total of 12 Miles per charge, meaning you could go just over about 20 miles there and back if you absolutely needed to and had access to power in between. Now you can park and ride farther than ever on that last mile of your commute. And in style on the T6, SWAGTRON’s flagship Off road hoverboard.
  • AIR FILLED 10” RUGGED TIRES – Now you can not only go offroad, but you can ride all over the parks and fields without being constrained to smooth concrete all the time. This allows for more natural use and more outdoor experiences with nature. Go to the park and practice in the grass if you are still learning.
  • LEARNING & ADVANCED MODES – Set  your T6 to Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced!
  • ROCK WHILE YOU RIDE – The self-balancing hover scooter uses Bluetooth® to play music directly from your phone. Rock Pandora, iTunes, Soundloud, anything!
  • UL 2272 CERTIFIED – Professional UL Certification makes sure all electrical products are safe.

off road hoverboard comparison chart

T6 All Terrain Hoverboard Compare Chart


So to recap, now that we can ride on sidewalks, grass, everywere, what have we learned today?

That the most epic hoverboard for riding around town easily is an all terrain SWAGTRON T6 Off-road Hoverboard

Off Road HoverboardGet your very own T6 Offroad Hoverboard today!

Lil Yachty Dances With SWAGTRON’s T3 Hoverboard In “It Takes Two” Remake

A lot went down at the 2017 Grammys. Beyoncé performed what was described mostly as a religious experience, Adele took home Best Album, and hip-hop artist Lil Yachty rode a T3 SWAGTRON hoverboard.

…Wait, what?? Is this real life?

All right, pause. Let’s break this down.

Lil Yachty, known for his “One Night” music video, appeared in a blowout Target ad riding our T3 hoverboard that aired during the 59th Grammys Award Show. Joined by Canadian singer of “Call Me Maybe” fame, Carly Rae Jepsen, Lil Yachty performed a remake of Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock’s 1988 hip-hop classic “It Takes Two.”

Lil Yacthy and Carly Rae Jepsen on set of Target Grammy Commercial

The ad was part music video and part commercial, but all talent. Seriously.

Bankrolled by well-known producer, Mike Will Make It, the commercial was directed by Roman Coppola (ala the Amazon web series, Mozart in the Jungle) and choreographed by La La Land’s Mandy Moore (not to be confused with the actress/singer Mandy Moore). All these elements rolled into one make for an epic and elaborate 3 minutes of dancing and rapping.

“It was pretty cool remaking such a big song,” Lil Yachty states in the video. “There was a lot of pressure.”

At the 20 second mark, Lil Yachty makes his big entrance as glass doors decked out in Target’s logo open, and out he glides on a signature Target-red T3 hoverboard wearing a VR headset.

Lil Yacthy in the opening scene aboard the SWAGTRON T3 hoverboard

Just when we thought things couldn’t get any better, we were featured again in their Behind The Scenes video where we got a chance to see the tremendous amount of effort that went into everything.

“It takes village,” Jepsen joked before breaking off in a laugh. “Yeah, it takes way more than two.” Lil Yachty agreed.

During the video we also see Lil Yachty practicing and playing around more on the T3. He does a few simple spins on it – while wearing the VR headset, making it….not so simple. Meanwhile, we think we may have spotted some of the dancers doing some awesome moves with our new T5?

But what exactly IS the T3 and why is it in this collaboration?

The T3 is called the “flagship” of our line of safe and affordable self-balancing scooters (AKA: hoverboards). It sports dual 300-watt motors and can reach up to a max speed of 8 miles per hour if you’re brave enough – not too bad for a little board. We also updated it with our innovative phone app, which seamlessly pairs with either Android or iOS devices. You can retrace your ride or commute by checking out your route history, switch speed at the tap of a finger, and stay up to date on your battery life. The Bluetooth speakers enable any rider to play their favorite tunes to spice up a tedious commute or let pedestrians know they’re coming. Not to be outdone, we also outfitting it with LED turning turn signals.

Not convinced? You can buy any of our whips with confidence – all of our rideables are UL 2271 certified and a one-year warranty, making us one of the safest brand of personal transportation electronics.

If you haven’t watched the “It Takes Two” remake or the Behind The Scenes bonus video, you really should check it out for yourself. It didn’t win any Grammys, but hey, they totally won our hearts.

Fall in love with hoverboards all over again!

Valentine’s day is finally here, and we are going all out to show our riders just how much we love them! Enjoy this short video of a hoverboard love story.

Swagtron Valentine’s Day Sale – All that and a bag for your hoverboard

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
And comes with a free bag too!

Get the best price on a quality hoverboard!

Let us hover our way into your heart with our lovely Valentine’s Day Sale. Buy the T3 Hoverboard – because we don’t just like you, but like, like you.

The sale is already on and will continue while supplies last. This means there’s no set expiration date on your chance to snag a new hoverboard at a steal, but our boards may sell out fast so don’t sit on this deal for too long.

Why is the Swagtron the perfect hoverboard match for you?

Well, we picked the Swagtron because it’s one of the lightest hoverboards around and easily pairs with your free bag so you can bring it anywhere your adventures may take you. Spice up your next adventure by adding your Swagtron into the mix! This board also comes equipped with the UL 2271 certified SentryShield™ battery enclosure – because we care about your safety.

To seal the deal, we’re also giving you the choice between three colors: dark red, black, and white. Bonus: you can pick the bag color too (red vs blue!).

Our boards were already one of the most affordable out there, but at $199.99 you can even afford to buy one for the number one guy or gal in your life! Or hey, maybe another for yourself, we won’t judge. This is our gift to you!

Get yourself or a loved one the next generation in electric, personal transportation, on us. Seriously, you guys deserve it.


Lots of love,

The entire SWAGTRON team.