SwagCycles, e bikes are easy rides when injured

Recently I have been riding the SwagCycle e Bike around when I need some air, as well as the off road hoverboard, more than the skateboard and there’s a really, really good reason for that. It’s not just that the hoverboard is amazing for shooting video, not that an e bike is killer for playing Pokémon Go, but rather that it helps when you have a minor injury and can’t really skate for another week.

Rideables of all types really keep  you moving with less impact when healing. That said as of last night, I can now finally skate the 3 foot to 4 foot bowl at Cost Mesa Volcom Skatepark, I did five runs and never fell. To train myself I only wore an elbow pad, forcing me to do tricks I never fall on. Success.

So until then, I’m hoverboarding and riding the e bike and I don’t care who knows it, however all the kids seem to want to try the hoverboard when I want to ride it.

Gabe’s e bike Ollie Challenge

It has come to my attention that our friends up at Braille Skateboarding have taken upon a challenge successfully that we bestowed upon them. I didn’t expect such a response and wow, nice ollie!

See here as Gabe Cruz ‘allows’ this amazing skater (VINNIE BANH go follow him now) to Ollie over his new SwagCycle e bike. Just listen to that horn in slow motion for all the goodness. Gabe is loving this ‘right thumb red button’ horn.

  • Try that. Say “Right Thumb Red Button” to anyone on a swag cycle. If it SHUTS OFF, they mistakenly used their left thumb!

@swagtronusa this is for you!! Everyone enjoy their Tuesday! #swagcycle

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The SwagCycle is a riot, I had one on the beach last weekend of summer and the “right thumb red button” horn alone cracks me up.


So, that went well. I still need to test out their 3-4 foot half-pipe.

CHALLENGE: And this is a big one. You know we were initially quite skeptical about being able to ride the T6 off-road hoverboard on the street course we made for burning man. By the end of the week, we were hooking the board over the coping, pausing at the top to socialize, then rolling back in while holding a drink. Now we want to try to do, after my success on the ‘hoverboard railslide’, something we would attest to being ‘hoverboard rock’n’roll’ on the half pipe.

Here’s the half-pipe attempt at Braille in San Leandra.

Psssst! Get your OWN SwagCycle by SWAGTRON USA right here -> e bike <- do it.


Let’s put it out there, once and for all: commuting is not fun.

Waking up early, factoring in extra time for crowded buses or trains, and even the occasional road block. The routine itself can be dreary. Whether you’re a student or a working adult, the struggle is an old, worn-out problem we continue to tackle – especially as urban populations are only on the uprise (in other words, cities aren’t going to get any more spacious!)

But what if we told you there was a solution to help break up the daily grind?

Could an e-scooter be the perfect solution to your work or school commute?

Meet Katherine.


Katherine is a lifestyle and advice blogger helping give perspective for anyone just starting their college career or job hunting journey. She also does a few fun traveling vlogs! If you’re a millennial in your early 20’s, you’ll easily be able to relate to Katherine’s videos.

Because Katherine is always commuting for school and work in the Los Angeles area, SWAGTRON reached out and sent her one of our newest e-scooter models, the Swagger Pro.

The Swagger Pro is our most rough-and-tumble scooter model yet, designed with a durable frame and capable of traveling over any bumps or cracks in the sidewalk. Able to reach speeds of up to 18 mph, it’s a fast, travel-friendly commuting companion! Easily collapsed and carried – the Swagger Pro is ideal for anyone who boards a train (like Katherine!) or a bus as part of their daily commute.

Meaning: it is a convenient commuting tool for students or working professionals!

Funnily enough, Katherine’s Swagger Pro arrived while she was still abroad in Europe, so her dad took the scooter out for a spin and took to it right away! Goes to show you that the Swagger Pro is not just beginner friendly, but also ideal for anyone of almost any age.

dad on electric scooter
Her Dad got to ‘Test it out for her’ and became quickly addicted. Then her sister got in on the E scooter.

“It has become a part of my morning commute,” Katherine says in her video. “I always look forward to riding it and everyone in my office always wants to try it.”

Q: So what’s the take-away lesson here?

A: A heavy-duty, collapsible e-scooter just might be the answer to your commuting problems.

There are many young urban professionals in the Bay Area living and working, but no longer driving to work. Using your favorite e-scooter like the Swagger Pro enables you to speedily reach the BART, fold it down, and take it on the train.

Much easier than a bike and without all of the sweat.

If there is one thing e-bikes and electric rideables really have over their analog counterparts, it’s the sweat factor. If you’re a working professional riding your bike or scooter to work, you might arrive just a little…well…sweaty. Maybe even tired. While there is definitely something to be said for real exercise, the switch from your old kick scooter to a motorized e-scooter could take care of that messy problem. You don’t necessarily want to show up looking like you just came from the gym!

Be ahead of the trends and don’t be afraid to get somewhere in style on what appears to now be the best electric scooter for commuting, the Swagger Pro, with speeds up to 17 MPH. You can hang on, apply brakes as needed, and wear a helmet for safety.


Take it from Katherine! Grab yourself an e-scooter and take your next commute to the max.

Watch here as her sister tries, note this is her FIRST time on this Electric Scooter (the Swagger Pro is available now) and does very well! You can too.