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Additional Terms and Information Referral Program: How does it work? It’s a very simple and straight forward program… This is the newest and best affiliate program with the hottest growing brand on the net – Swagtron – you are sure to make some big cash! 1. We provide you with a unique affiliate link and unique coupon codes to share in person or on the internet. You can share them by any means you wish … email, Facebook, twitter, business cards, flyers … this is only limited by your imagination and creativity. 2. Payments (all payments are in USD) a. You are paid 2.5% per referred sale on any/every product on Minimum payout of $75.00. Once you reach $75.00, at your request, we will cut a check and mail it out or send via ACH Direct Deposit. (see also #5 below) 3. We will track affiliate link usage and unique coupon usage. Your link will keep a cookie in the user’s browser for 30 days. If they user clicks your link, then comes back within 30 days and makes a purchase, it counts as your sale and you get the credit. (Provided the user’s browser is not blocking cookies – this is not within our control and there are no guarantees thereof.) 4. Only one referral account allowed per person/household. 5. A referral payment will only be made if the order has not been cancelled and item has not been returned for a refund within 30 days. All pay-outs will be held for this initial period and paid out on a monthly-basis thereafter. 6. We will provide some “Creatives” for your use in standard banner sizes, but you are free to promote your coupon codes and affiliate links in any way you wish as long as it’s not considered a dishonest or negative representation of the Swagtron brand or products. 7. We reserve the right to validate or invalidate any and all referrals/sales.