Swagtron Swagger 5 for Sale!
Couple riding their Electric Scooters while traveling around the city
The perfect last mile solution to get from the train to the office, cruising the city or simply meeting friends for a coffee.

    Everything you'd expect from our flagship scooter. The Swagger 5 Elite reaches speeds of up to 18 mph and can cover up to 11 miles in one single charge.


    Light, Fast, Foldable, Fun, Electric and under $250.


    Choose from the latest variety of kids kick scooters, three-wheel scooters for toddlers and the SG2 kids electric scooter.

Woman and man riding foldable electric scooter through the city
Count: 385
4.174025974026 out of 5
Swagger 5 Elite
Electric City Commuter Scooter
Man riding his cali drift three-wheel electric scooter near the beach
Count: 6
3.1666666666667 out of 5
Cali Drift
Three Wheel Electric Scooter
Man riding his electric pedal less bike by swagtron; the Swagcycle Pro
Count: 18
4.2777777777778 out of 5
Swagcycle Pro
Pedal-less Commuter Scooter
Kids playing with their three wheel kick scooter with LED lights
K5 Kids Scooter
3 Wheels & LED Light-up Lights
eb7-ebike-riding-on-streetAsset 4-100
Find the perfect electric foldable bike for your city commute, or the all-terrain eBike for your off-road adventures.
girls riding their SWAGTRON EB1 Commuter Electric Bike on their way to school
Count: 9
3.6666666666667 out of 5
EB1 Folding eBike
Short Commute eBike
Young professional riding the train with his foldable electric bike, making this electric bicycle ideal for small spaces and city commuters
Count: 30
5 out of 5
EB5 Pro
City & Campus Commuting
Couple riding their electric foldable e-bike in the city
Count: 30
3.7333333333333 out of 5
EB7 Elite
Elite Commuting Folding eBike
Count: 30
4.2 out of 5
EB6 Kids Fat Tire eBike
Foldable All Terrain Electric Bike
Kid riding his hoverboard in his neighborhood wearing a helmet
Best-selling hoverboards with self-balancing technology, lithium-free batteries, and certified for UL 2272 safety standards.
  • Hoverboards under $199

    The perfect gift for kids birthdays and special occasions, choose from more than seven available options.


    Advanced hoverboard featuring dual 300-watt motors, iOS/Android app connectivity and a built-in Bluetooth speaker.


    Voted Best Hoverboard of 2018. The Outlaw T6 Off-Road hoverboard is built bigger and tougher with rugged 10-inch all-terrain tires, 300-watt dual motors and 420-pound capacity.

Kid riding his favorite red hoverboard in the park
Count: 21
2.5238095238095 out of 5
Twist T881 Swagboard
Self-Balancing Kids Hoverboard
Person riding a red and black hoverboard, model Vibe T580 from Swagtron with Bluetooth
Count: 634
4.9511041009464 out of 5
Vibe T580 Swagboard
Hoverboard with Bluetooth Speakers
swagboard T380 Elite Hoverboard
Count: 8
3.5 out of 5
T380 Elite Swagboard
Premium Hoverboard with Bluetooth
T6 Off-Road All-Terrain Hoverboard with 10 inch Heavy-Duty wheels
Count: 238
4.8235294117647 out of 5
Outlaw T6 Swagboard
Off-Road Hoverboard for All-Terrains

“The first benefit [of owning an electric scooter] is the reliability of knowing you have a ride when you need it.”


What Is the Right Electric Bike Size for Me?

Believe it or not, not all electric bike are the same size. Just like traditional bicycles, electric bikes are generally sized based on your height. So, whether you are 4’10 or 6’2, you can start by using this handy chart to figure out the right eBike size for you. Rider Height Frame Size (Inches) 4’10” … Read More

Couple wearing helmets riding their EB11 and EB10 eBikes on the boardwalk next to the beach.

Where Can I Ride an eBike?

You can ride an electric bike anywhere your good pedals will take you! Well . . . theoretically.  But the truth is – as we’ve mentioned before – that state laws vary greatly when it comes to where you can ride your eBike. And even within those states, some cities will have even different regulations … Read More

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The SWAGTRON Hoverboard has been featured by many TV shows, news outlets, magazines, and blogs.

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